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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Indian Boy Born With Extra Limbs On His Chest

In 2010, an Indian boy who was born with eight limbs and venerated as god, underwent an operation to give him chance at normal life. Deepak Pawan, 7, was born with a parasitic twin conjoining to his abdomen giving him four legs and four arms but one head. Hindu pilgrimiges visited his home in Norhern state of Bihar to worship him as a incasrnation of God Vishnu, who is oftern depicted with numerous limbs. Deepak's family unfortable with the attention, appealed for help to pay for the operation to have the extra limbs removed and a hospital in the Southern city of Banglore offered to do he procedure for free. The pioneering surgery would noramally cost 50,000 pounds, a sum that his impoverished family could never have dreamed off affording, happily, the grueling four-hour operation was a complete success.

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