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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pregnant Women Living Or Working With Smokers May Have Higher Risk Of Stillbirth

Pregnant women who live or work with smokers may be at slightly higher risk of having a stillbirth, suggests a study that adds to evidence that even secondhand smoke can harm unborn babies.
Newborns also weighed a little less and had smaller heads if their mothers were passive smokers, Canadian researchers found. "This information is important for women, their families and healthcare providers," Dr. Joan Crane of Eastern Health in St. John's and colleagues write in the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Secondhand smoke is thought to expose people to about one percent of the smoke that active smokers inhale. According to the researchers, "undiluted side-stream smoke contains many harmful chemicals and in greater concentration than cigarette smoke inhaled through a filter." Those chemicals may harm the fetus in a variety of ways, for instance by restricting blood flow and possibly damaging the placenta.
Little is known about the risk of stillbirth in passive smokers, so Crane and her colleagues used a database of pregnant women from the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador to shed light on the question.
They also looked at other birth outcomes, such as head circumference, which has been linked to kids' intellectual development.
Of nearly 12,000 women in the database, 11 percent said they had been exposed to secondhand smoke.
The rate of stillbirth, in which the baby dies during the third trimester of pregnancy, was 0.83 percent in passive smokers and 0.37 percent in women who didn't breathe tobacco fumes.
That doesn't prove that smoke itself was the culprit, because other risk factors might be different between the two groups.
Yet when the researchers accounted for several of those, including age and the women's drinking and drug habits, passive smokers had more than three times the odds of stillbirth.
In other words, if smoke is indeed to blame, one extra baby would die in the womb for every 117 women exposed. "This is huge," said Dr. Hamisu Salihu, an expert on stillbirth at the University of South Florida in Tampa. "We can now inform patients that exposure to secondhand smoke means they can lose their baby."
That link had not been firmly established until now, Salihu, who was not involved in the work, told.
On a global scale, the most common causes of stillbirth are complications during childbirth, infections like syphilis during pregnancy, health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes, fetal growth restriction in which babies fail to grow at the proper rate and birth defects.
Most miscarriages, on the other hand, happen in the first trimester and most are believed to be due to random genetic abnormalities.
Still, certain lifestyle habits have been tied to a higher risk of miscarriage, including heavy drinking, drug use and, in some studies, smoking.
The Canadian researchers also found that babies born to passive smokers weighed 54 grams, or nearly 2 ounces, less than babies whose mothers lived and worked in smoke-free households.
And their heads were slightly smaller, too, measuring 0.24 centimeters (about 0.1 inch) less on average.
Salihu said head circumference has been associated with IQ, although the link is indirect. "Policy makers should really take this matter seriously," he concluded. "We need to enact laws to protect these babies."

Pakistan's Gas Purchase Agreement With Iran

The people of Pakistan face the menace of load shedding of gas in winter and that of electricity in summer. This bad luck of the people of the people has been created by the rulers, otherwise Pakistan is among the riches country in natural resources. The vehicles, factories and power generation plants were converted to gas usage during the former president Musharraf rule, who though when we have cheaper gas why to import oil. Though, his his desire was based on sincerity but unforgettably he could not foresee that has Pakistan that much gas reserves that could fulfill the needs?. Today Pakistan needs 4 billion cubic feet gas daily and the demand is increasing whereas supply and production can not meet the demand. During winter when gas requirement is much higher, shortage of gas occurs. To fulfill the gas needs Pakistan wants to purchase gas from Iran and Turkmenistan. Pakistan has already signed an agreement with Iran for gas supply and it has been decided that Pakistan will start receiving 6.5 million cubic feet gas daily from December 31, 2014 from Iran. according to the terms and conditions of the agreement, if Pakistan could not build gas pipe line in its territory then Iran will be paid $8 million for the price fixed for daily consumption by Pakistan. India too was included in the agreement but wise Hindu guy separated itself from the agreement due to two reasons. One was dispute on the price, due to the expiration of Shale gas through new technology in the USA, the gas prices per Million British Thermal Units(MMBTU) fell from $ 13 to 4-5 while that of oil increased. Iran fixed its gas price to $ 8 per MMBTU and Pakistan is purchasing at this rate while India refused to purchase gas on this price.

Match Fixing Had Been Commom In Sri Lanka's Cricket

Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Hashan Tillakaratne has made a sensational revelation that match fixing has been common in Sri Lanka's cricket and promised that he would come out with the names of the responsible persons in the near future.
Tillakaratne who led Sri Lanka in Ten Tests between 2003 and 2004 said that he could vouch with responsibility that Match fixing has been a problem in Sri Lanka's cricket since 1992. "I can tell this in agreement with my conscience. Match fixing is not something that started happening yesterday or today. According to my knowledge, it happened since 1992. I say this with great responsibility" said Tillakaratne. "I am not saying that this match (The world cup final) was fixed. But anyway match fixing is something which has been in this country over a period of time. This has spread like a cancer today" he explained. "There were threats of this issue being exposed during various times. But it was pushed down by giving money to various people. If the people who were responsible for that are listening to this, I state this today with great responsibility, I will shortly reveal the names of those responsible" Tillakaratne promised when he appeared in a TV talk show. "Why? Because there is a huge following of people who love cricket, and this is a side which they don't know about" he explained.
Former captain who said he did not imply categorically that the recent world cup final was fixed, however expressed his reservations about the selections.

Segovia-- An Ancient City Of Spain

The wall build with stones around the Segovia, city of Spain have a lot of attraction for tourists. The place within the walls are no less beautiful. Roman aqueduct, the underground channels of water is a masterpiece of engineering. In Pakistan Baluchistan province have underground channels called "Caraiz". Segovia wall is made up of thousands of stone blocks with out using any pasting material like cement,How the blocks have been jointed is not known like "Pyramids" in Egypt. On the city a Gothic caderal is shading like a grand bird. The old Royal Palace called Alcazar of Segovia of the city is also worth seeing which is not far away from Avila. It has been included in the list of International Heritage of UNESCO.
Rhodes of Greece:
The ancient city of Greek, the Rhodes has a lot of zigzag streets and roads. Between theses streets and roads the city is located with grandeur. This city has ancient defense walls and forts. These were build during the reign of knights in the 1300 century. Rhodes is also on the list of International Cultural Heritage. Wall has divided the city into two parts. In the northern part there is beutiful palace and in the southern part live the atheists. Rhodes is the city where once stood the statue " Acropolis of Rhodes" which had been included among the seven wonders of the world.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Glittering Marriage Ceremony Of Prince William And Kate Middleton

Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton married at Westminster Abbey on Friday in a royal occasion of dazzling pomp and pageantry that has attracted a huge global audience and injected new life into the monarchy.
Before the vows, a veiled Middleton, the first "commoner" to marry a prince in close proximity to the throne in more than 350 years, walked slowly through the 1,900-strong congregation to the swirling strains of Charles Parry's "I Was Glad".
As they met at the altar William whispered to her, prompting a smile at the start of the ceremony. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams declared the couple married with the words: "I pronounce that they be man and wife together."
Middleton's dress, the subject of fevered speculation for months in the fashion press, was a traditional ivory silk and satin outfit with a lace appliqué and long train. She wore a tiara loaned by the queen and the diamond and sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to William's mother Princess Diana, who was divorced from Prince Charles in 1996, a year before her death in a car crash in Paris aged just 36.
Bells pealed loudly and trumpets blared as 1,900 guests earlier poured into the historic abbey, coronation site for the monarchy since William the Conqueror was crowned in 1066.
Queen Elizabeth, other royals, David and Victoria Beckham, the footballer-pop star couple, singer Elton John and Prime Minister David Cameron were among famous guests at the abbey. They joined 50 heads of state as well as charity workers and war veterans who know the prince from his military training.
Thousands of people from around the world were outside the abbey, many of them camping overnight for the best view of the future king and queen and fuelling the feel-good factor that has briefly lifted Britain from its economic gloom.
"People watching this at home must think we're completely mad, but there's just no comparison," said 58-year-old Denise Mill from southern England. "I just had to be here."
The crowd entered into the festive spirit on a chilly day by wearing national flags and even fake wedding dresses and tiaras. Hundreds of police officers, some armed, dotted the royal routes in a major security operation. Tens of thousands more people crammed the flag-lined streets of London to catch a glimpse of marching military bands in black bearskin hats, cavalrymen in shining breastplates and ornate carriages that will carry royal figures from the service.
A large gathering is expected outside the queen's London residence, Buckingham Palace, to cheer on the married couple as they appear on the balcony for a much-anticipated public kiss.
For some, however, the biggest royal wedding since Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 was an event to avoid, reflecting divided opinion about the monarchy. "It's just a wedding," said 25-year-old Ivan Smith. "Everyone is going mad about it. I couldn't care less."

Heart Attacks In The Moring are More Serious

Heart attacks that occur in the morning are likely to be more serious than attacks at other times of the day, a specialist journal reported on Wednesday.
Spanish researchers looked at data from 811 patients who had been admitted to a Madrid clinic with a myocardial infarction between 2003 and 2009.
They used levels of an enzyme in the blood to measure the extent of dead tissue, known as an infarct, which is caused by blocked blood supply to heart muscle.
Those who had had a heart attack between 6:00 am and noon, during the transition from darkness to light, had a 21-percent larger infarct compared with patients whose attack occurred between 6:00 pm and midnight.
The study, published in the British journal Heart, builds on previous evidence that circadian rhythm, the famous "body clock" influences the heart in many ways such as blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output and the function of cells that line cardiac blood vessels.
Of the 811 patients, 269 had their heart attacks in the period from 6:00 am to noon. More than three-quarters of the patients admitted to the clinic were men. Their average age was 62.
The findings should be useful in assessing the effectiveness of drugs against heart disease, the researchers said.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most Smelliest Flower Of The World Bloom

Thousands of plant lovers have flocked to the northern Swiss city of Basel to see a giant, stinky flower bloom for the first time.
The Basel Botanical Gardens expects 10,000 people to see its amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower, in full glory before the bloom wilts late Saturday or Sunday. The plant is 17 years old and has never bloomed before.
Visitors haven't been deterred by the strong stench of rotting flesh the flower emits to attract insects for pollination.
The 6.6-feet (2-meter) tall flower is native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the last one to bloom in Switzerland was 75 years ago.
Worldwide, there have been only 134 recorded blooms from artificial cultivation.
The titan arum or Amorphophallus titanum (from Ancient Greek amorphos, "without form, misshapen" + phallos, "phallus", and titan, "giant") is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. (The largest single flower is borne by the Rafflesia arnoldii; the largest branched inflorescence in the plant kingdom belongs to the Talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera).
Due to its odor, which is reminiscent of the smell of a decomposing mammal, the titan arum is also known as a carrion flower, the "Corpse flower", or "Corpse plant" (Indonesian: bunga bangkai, bunga means flower, while bangkai means corpse or cadaver; for the same reason, the same title is also attributed to Rafflesia which, like the titan arum, also grows in the rainforests of Sumatra).

Carcassonne (France)- A City Rich In Natural Scenic Beauty

The walled city of natural beauty in France is also called the "Guard" of ancient dialect languages. It has been an important city since the Roman Empire due to being situated at the peak of a mountain. From the defense strategic point of view this city always has been of a great importance. Its aerial view shows this city encircled in 2 mile long double wall, which has more than 50 towers. This is a fact that this ancient city is the part of a a big castle the "La Cite de Carcassonne". Once most of the people lived with the boundary of the wall, but now due to rise in population they live outside too. The wall has been neglected since long, no care or repair of the wall has been done resulting the braking of the wall from place to place and occurring of the cracks. But now services of an architect has been hired and repair work of this ancient and historical wall would be done. This architect has rehabilitated other famous land marks of France. In the old street hotels of the city serve traditional foods too.
Taroudant (Morocco):-
Taroudant is also a walled city situated in Southern Morocco. This has been the way for the passage of trade caravans between Sahara and Marrakech for a long time. This city has been enjoying the prosperous cultural life due to gold and copper mines nearby. The city has a range of Atlas mountains on the back. The color of the wall is red because its construction was done with red bricks made up of reddish clay during 16th century. The wall exists today too around the city. The continuously developing and progressing business as well as cultural activities have greater interests for tourists. The jewelery, carpets and handicrafts of the city are very much liked by the visitors.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Bride's Dress To Be Instant Global Focus

Two billion viewers, 1,900 guests, four bridesmaids and two cakes but when Prince William and Kate Middleton marry on Friday, there can only be one dress.
All eyes will be on Kate's wedding gown as she makes the long walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, as a symbol of her personality, her style and
crucially, what kind of queen she may one day become.
"It's the dress that is going to receive the most instant and global attention ever," said Edwina Ehrman, curator of a forthcoming exhibition on wedding gowns at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Palace officials have refused to divulge details of the dress to ensure the maximum impact when Kate steps out of the car but also ensuring that expectations are impossibly high. "This dress is so much more than a dress," said Alexandra Shulman, the editor of the British edition of Vogue, in a recent article.
"Her dress is not simply her wedding dress but a big flag, symbolising her taste, her commitment (or otherwise) to fashion, her attitude to money at a time when the country is in economic doldrums."
From the moment she appears, Kate's gown will become the subject of countless blogs and Tweets, while retailers will move quickly to get reproductions on the high streets and the image printed on souvenirs. "We have to remember that this dress is going to be seen forever. She is our future queen," said Caroline Castigliano, a British wedding dress designer.
The media have named several candidates to make the gown. Much attention has surrounded Sarah Burton, a British designer and creative director at Alexander McQueen, who was reportedly recommended to Kate by Shulman.
Other fashion editors have tipped Sophie Cranston, a relative unknown who worked for McQueen before setting up her own label, Libelula.
But in the absence of hard facts, experts are left to speculate on what kind of dress would suit Kate and what would be fitting of the bride of the second-in-line to the throne.
William's mother Diana wore a voluminous fairytale gown with a huge train when she married Prince Charles in 1981, but modern fashion demands something sleeker. Kate will also want to make the most of her slim figure.
However, she must also meet the demands of her 13th century Gothic surroundings, not to mention the expectations of the assembled guests and the estimated two billion viewers watching on television at home. "Westminster Abbey is a vast building and she will look like a tiny speck unless she wears something with some length in a train, or volume," Ehrman told.
The dress will almost certainly be white and most commentators believe Kate will wear a veil, although whether this will be accompanied by a tiara, the ultimate royal accessory, depends on what image Kate wants to project. "The unknown is how far she's going to present herself as absolutely the traditional bride, and how far her designer might collaborate with her just to give her that bit of difference," Ehrman said.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber (Germany)

The walled city of Germany is very old. A large number of tourists come to visit this city and take interest in its ancient history. If you like to purchase a piece of wall of this attractive city, no problem. Visitors can sponsor any piece of this defensive city only in 1000 Euro, that were destroyed during the World War-II. Many air attacked were carried out on this ancient city during the war that killed 2000 people and and 9 watch towers of 2000 feet long wall were destroyed. Today, Rothenburg ob der Tauba has a status of romantic highway besides being a well-known stop for visitors. In addition to this ancient wall the other historical places of this city include Rathaus, Gothic Town Hall, Christmas museum and Criminal museum.
York (England):-
Whereas, the York city of England is famous for many attractive places, similarly are popular its Defensive Gare way Houses too. Michal gateway is included among these, that is located on the point from where royal guests and VIP's enter the city. Visitors can see the city from the wall after entering this gate. The city is situated where two rivers Foss and Ouse merge with each other. This city is the walled city since the year 71.. But the wall was constructed by Romans. Now only some pieces of the original structure of the wall built by Romans are left that include Multimengler tower which is visible from museum orchards. Mostly the internal section of this is for the tourists to walk over the snickleways.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cancer Can Be Caused By Energy Saving Bulbs

Energy saving bulbs may help cut down electricity bills, but it can take a toll on health. Fears have been reignited about the safety of energy saving bulbs after a group of scientists warned that they contain cancer containing chemicals. Their study has found that these energy savers emit cancer-causing chemicals when switched on. Scientists in Germany have claimed that energy saving bulbs should not be left on for a longer periods of time or placed near to person's head because they release poisonous materials. The German Scientists' study has shown that the chemicals are released in a form of steam. Scientists claimed that several carcinogenic chemicals and toxins were released when the environment friendly compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's) were switched on, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene.

Dubrovnik- A Kroshian Adriatic Coastal City At The Junction Of East And West

Dubrovnik is the city of Kroshia that is situated at the coast of Adriatic Sea and junction of east and west. this city had learnt the tactics of its defense or security and the wall around the city reminds of that ancient age. During the long journey of centuries the height of the wall rose to some places upto 80 feet and its width is 20 feet. The walls, forts hideouts and towers have played their role as grand maritime power in all the ages. Today the walls remind of the invaders that attacked the city from 17th century to afterward but the dwellers of the city defended themselves bravely. The attackers included Arabs, Turks and Italians (citizens of Venice). During the past, a summer festival was used to be celebrated by the capture rs of the city Dubrovnik. They constructed vast grounds and special buildings for the celebrations of the festival. Today too this festival is celebrated with that zeal and enthusiasm. People come in large groups to enjoy theater and live music in the festival. The celebrations are held in the "Lovrijenac Revelin" forts of ancient city. The spectators are very much interested in the sloppy terraces of the forts. If you want to walk over the wall or want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastal city then enter from the Pile Gate look at the natural beauty of this walled city.

The Ancient Walled Cities Of The World

There exist many ancient cities of the world around which walls were build to save them from foreign warriors. Due to expansion of the modern cities, many walls did not exist now, still there are some cities that have walls around them in somewhat original position. There are several historical cities in Pakistan and India where walls still exist. Here are some cities in Europe and Asis that have walled cities.
Naarden (Netherland):- It is the city of Netherlands (Holland). It is situated in Northern Holland. The tourists visiting Holland when see the aerial view of Naarden they are fascinated by the beauty of a legendary village that one would have read in folk stories of ancient times. The building of walls like this around the cities was a popular way of defense to save them from external intruders that started from Italy, so it is also called "trace italienne". The wall of Naarden is present in original condition so has a great attraction for tourists. Naarden is situated 10 miles away toward north of Amsterdam. The city has a water-filled channel around it which is natural not an artificial. Tourists enjoy the round of the city by motor boats. The walled city has museum in the fort.
Avila( Spain):-
Wall has been built around city of Avila in Spain. It is situated at a distance of 75 miles toward north west of Madrid at height of 3700 feet from sea level. This city has been included in the list of International Cultural Heritage because city is located within the wall, built in 1090, and is completely solid and strong. The wall around the city has 88 towers and 9 gates and several religious places are situated within the wall. The religious places include Cathedral de Avila and Basilica de San Vicente. Saint Teresa of Avila was born here in 1515. A grand festival is celebrated during the full month of October every year in his honor. During the festival a food item is prepared with eggs and sugar that is called "yemas de Santa Teresa"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hadit Of The Prophet (PBUH) About The Population Of Big Cities

Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal the great poet and philosopher when was on tour to Italy during 1931, he met the leader of Italy Mussolini. The great and intelligent leaders again met on November 27th, during talks Mussolini asked the Great Poet Of The East that he should give him some suggestion. Iqbal replied" do not let the population of the city to increase, fix a limit of population for a city and when that limit is reached, get additional settled in new city". Mussolini asked more details of the suggestion, Allama great Scholar) Iqbal said," if a population of a city crossed a set limit then moral values get to degrade, crimes were to increase and culture and civilization basis are damaged." Hearing this Mussolini kept silent for a while and then shouted with an enthusiastic way "what a great suggestion you have given to me" Dr Iqbal smiled and said it is not my idea or thinking but our Prophet (PBUH) had said 1400 years ago. It is truthfulness factual foreseeing of the Great Prophet of Islam that what He said centuries before, western experts are convinced 100 % with his sayings. Imagine the problems of education, drinking water, transport, pollution, sewerage systems, crimes, unemployment and shortage of accommodations and many others, in big cities of the world like Bombay, Karachi, Manila, Lagos and Kolkata. ,

Newyork Is The Most Influential And Powerful City Of The World

A survey was conducted by American three independent organizations Global Management Consultants,Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute to prepare a list of the most influential cities of the world. The following basic qualifications for the ranking were considered:- What is the capital of stock exchange of the city, How many offices of International companies are located in the city, what is volume of the business, what is the number of refugees, what is the quality of education in schools and colleges,how many international standard schools the city has, what is the literacy rate of the city, how many newspapers and magazines are published, what is the standard of censorship, how many people use internet, how many international games are held, how many exhibitions of fine arts are held, and how much the people of the city influence the international decision making. In the survey it was cleared that population of a city has very little role to play in the ranking. Though Karachi is the 10th city in the world on the basis of population but its rank among the powerful cities of the world is 60th. Karachi remained on 50th ranking on the basis of GDP. Newyork with population rating of 6 and with GDP topped the list. In the descending order were London, Tokyo, Paris, Hongkong, Chicago, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sidney, Seoul(with population rating of 22 and GDP 19). Interestingly, in the Islamic world the smaller city Dubai topped the list In the overall list it is on 27 ranking), Its population rating is 56 and GDP ranks 30th), then comes Istanbul, Cairo, Kualalumpore, Djakarta, Dhaka. The rising super power China's most influential city Beijing was rating on 15th number with population rating 13 and GDP 13.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Global Cities That Are Influencing The International Affairs

The population of a city even consisting of more than ten million comes in the last when looking at its status of importance. The global city is the only that where business and trade activities are at peak, governmental management is exemplary,rule of law prevails, Citizens must have all the basic amenities of life available, have offices of big companies and have vast range of cultural and traditional activities and lastly is the population that be enough. So, Karachi, Lagos and Kolkata though have huge populations but do not have other pre-requisites to be ranked among global cities. This fact is worth mentioning that grading of international cities shows that economic power balance is shifting to east from west. Among the the today's 10 top global cities ranking, five cities including Tokyo, Hongkong, Singapore Sidney and Seol are in Asia and Pacific region. While, only three cities Newyork, Chicago and Los Angles are in the USA and London and Paris are in Europe. Strange thing is that a new category of cities have been noticed that population of the former towns have increased so much that has established new records. All these cities include industry-bassed cities in Chinese provinces and new cities taking birth in the deserts of Arabia like artificially settled "city of knowledge". So a new era has ushered that has grand cities with millions of population and hundreds of skyscrapers.

Global Cities- Around Them International Economy Revolves,

You will be astonished to know that in future the sources of power will be the cities not the countries loke USA, China, Brazil or India. The countries would have no value in front og these grand cities. Experts say it looks strange but is hundred percent true that future administration, economics and powers will concentrate in few cities. However, this would be like a global village as is considered but will be in form of a network. The rise in the population,extension of trade and industry,and developments in the field of science and technology has enables and centralized power and energy in many cities that they can challenge the status of various countries. Today 60 % of the population lives in cities, in addition, the economical volume of only 100 is 30 % of volume of the international economy. Now, all the inventions, scientific creations and developments are carried out in the cities. Some cities have been the hub of power for the last several centuries e.g. London, Newyork and Paris. The economy of only Newyork is more than 46 African countries. Similarly, a smaller state like Hongkong receives more tourists than a big country India. Today these cities are the engine for globalization and their fuels are money, information and stability. An only thickly populated city can not gain the status of a global city

World's Most Premature Baby Born in germany

A German woman gave birth to a one-pound baby after only 21 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, making it the world's most premature baby to survive. When Freida was born on November 7, she measured 11 inches (28 inches) and weighing only one pound (460 grammes). Five and half months later, she is finally fit to leave the clinic in Fulda, western Germany, in next few days, now weighing 7.7 pounds(3.5 kilos) for 50 centimeters (nearly 20 inches). Doctor on duty said" there is no foreseable risk of after effects for the moment" and that little girl" should develop normally like any other child" Professor Repp told her survival was a miracle.

The Chairperson Of Yemen's Women Journalists Without Chains

In Yemen 52% of the population is belong to sunni sect of Islam. Among them Shafis are in majority. Then come Hanblis amd Malkis and Shias are 46 % while, Zaidis are more in number among Shias. Then come Twelvers (Asna Ashris) including Ismaili shias.Majority of Sunnis live in South and and South Eastern part while Zaidis are in majority in North and North western part of the country. Ismailis and Jafferis live in the central cities of Sana and Muarib. Non -Muslims are in minority and are less than 1 % of the total population. Minorities include, Hindus, Christians and Jews. National language is Yemeni Arabic and it is culturally a rich country and various cultures are intermingles with different civilizations and traditions. Astonishingly, Yemen spends 9.6 % of its GDP on education. However, the situation of human rights in the country always remained worst. At present the opposition leader is re known journalist Tawakul Kirman. She protests against government every Tuesday. She is the Chairperson of Yemen's Women Journalists Without Chain. She was arrested and tortured many times during her struggle for human rights. She clearly confess that her movement got encouragement and power from the movements in Tunisia and Egypt. Poverty prevails in Yemen, children are under-nourished, masses have to spend their 30% earning to find one-time meal. Health and treatment facilities are not available to the people. In this people are justified to stand against the government which they are intending to do now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mexiacan Girl Fasted For Want Of Joining Royal Wedding

A 19-year old Mexican girl who was fasting for 16 days in a bid for invitation to royal wedding of Prince William has finally been granted her wish. Estibalia Chavez will be flown to London of April 29 nuptials thanks to an anonymous benefactor, according to a Mexico daily, Milenio.Chavez camped out in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City in February, refusing to eat, although officials at embassy had told her she was fasting in vain. Chavez lost 17 pounds(eight kilos) during her fast, and painted a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which the embassy also refused to deliver. "I have been a fan of Lady Di since i was little and my mother's fan as well," said Chavez. And I promise myself I would go to royal wedding " she said during her fast.

Pakistan Army Took Over The Control Of Shamsi Air base

Pakistan Army and American Embassy in Islamabad on behalf of CIA have confirmed the news that Shamsi Air Base in Baluchistan has been vacated. The Pakistan army sources told that the air base near Quetta has been handed over to Pakistan The spokes man of American Embassy Alberto said in a statement that no American forces are deployed on Shamsi Air Base. It is worth mentioning that CIA had been using this air base and as is said that this base has been used for drone attacks on the hideout of terrorists according to the people of the area. It is hoped that number of drone attacks may be decreased though not completely stopped. CIA has established other bases near Pakistani Tribal Areas and it may use them for drone attacks. Because USA has already declared that attacks will be continued if not increased.

Help Your Heart Taking Short Breaks

People who sit for extended periods of time with out taking short breaks are at risk for heart diseases than those who take who take more frequent timeouts to stand up and walk around, suggests a study.The cardiovascular risk that stems from remaining sedimentary for prolonged periods of time(at the office for example) manifests itself in the form of large waists, higher blood pressure, increased body inflammation and low level of 'good' cholesterol. In developed countries people spend more than half of their day sitting on an average. To explore the potential connection between short breaks and cardiovascular risks, researchers from UK followed 4757 men and women aged 20 years and above for 3 years. All the participants had been outfitted with an accelerometer on their hips, to monitor a week's worth of walking,running and sitting routine. Researchers also looked at heart disease-related risks factors, including blood pressure and cholesterol level. The most sedentary participants were found to sit a little more than 2 hours per day. It was found that longer the participants spent being sedentary the longer was their waste circumference. Overall, those who who took the most breaks from sitting were found to have small waists. The finding suggest that even small changes to person's activity levels might help to lower cardiovascular risks. These changes can be readily incorporated into one's day to day including the work environment.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nerendra Had A Leading Role In Godhra Riots

Senior IPS officer Sanjeev Bhutt, who has filed an affidavit before the Indian Supreme Court implicating Gujrat Chief Minister Nerendra Modi in the 2002 riots in the wake of Godhra train burning, said that he will not backtrack from his statement despite any pressure. Bhutt said in his affidavit that Modi had said that Hindus should be allowed to vent their "anger" after the death of 59 kar sevaks when two bogies of the Sabramati Express set afire Feb 27, 2002. He also expressed his doubts about the neutrality of the Special Investigation Team(SIT) probing the violence that followed and which claimed more than 1000 lives. Answering to a question by a private news channel on pressure on him to withdraw his testimony, Bhutt said," I have never backed out from saying truth anywhere, anytime in my life." He said that ant kind of pressure would only make him more determined."Instead of worrying me, this kind of subversion makes me more resolute because all I am doing is stating the truth, I am stating what I know, said Bhutt a 1988 batch Indian Police Service Officer. " I was privy to a whole lot of information, as an intelligence officer. So I can only disclose if I was under a legal consideration and not before that," he said pointing out that he had covered all these points in his testimony to SIT.

The New Natural Gas Can Fulfill The Needs Of Pakistan

Pakistan has a vast reserves of Shale gas in Baluchistan and Punjab Provinces. Likewise, India has 61 trillion feet gas according to American energy department. Worth mentioning is that India has already started work on the exploration of gas, while Pakistani higher ups are sleeping , inspite of severe shortage of natural gas and closure of 50 % of the industries. The difference between natural gas and Shale gas is that the first is found usually under the coal or sand beds while later is found only in shale rocks and in more depth. However, both have the similar properties. There is a great revolution in this sector due shale gas in the USA. There are some negative sides of shale too, and there is discussion continued in USA. Some american complain of noise due to digging of gas wells in neighborhood and they can not sleep or take rest. On other side hundreds of Americans who leased their lands to gas companies are getting million of dollars. Actually, American did not care for gas before, though they have 272.5 trillion feet gas reserves. In the USA only 6 millions homes are heated using gas. American realized its importance during 2008, when the oil prices went up to $150 per barrel.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pakistani Film Produced By Warner Bros Is To Be Released Soon

Pakistan's director Bilal Lashari has shot his first full-length feature film called "Waar" in collaboration with ISPR. The film has been produced by MindWorks Media with Hunt Lowry, producer of "Donnie Darko" and Warner Bros.'s smash hit "A Walk to Remember" and numerous other well known films. Waar (to strike) is an action/thriller drama film, written by Hassan Waqas Rana and star Pakistan's actor Shan Shahid and Shamoon Abbasi.
The story line has been inspired by the war on terror in Pakistan and its effects on the world but, with a very stylized interpretation of it. The English-language film (Waar) has been shot at various locations in and outside of Pakistan, from the beautiful hills of Islamabad to the second best tourist destination in Pakistan, Lahore to the fascinating valley of Swat( the Switzerland of Pakistan), where a major military operation was launched two years ago. The film's estimated budget is $ 2,000,000 (PKR 170 M or 17 crores). The film being produced by one of the major film studios in the USA, Waener Bros. will be first screened at some major international film festivals and after its successful screening at the festivals it will be released worldwide. The 140 min feature film is currently in post-production stage. Waar is expected to have a summer release.

Rebellions In Libya Seek UK And France Help

A leader of rebel official in besieged city of Misrata pleaded for France and UK to send troops to help fight Moamar Qazzafi's forces. while son of the strongest man of Libya said he was "Optimistic" his father regime will prevail. A senior member of Misrata's governing Council, Nuri Abdullah Abdullah said they were asking for the troops on humanitarian basis, in first request by insurgent for boots on the ground. Previously, he told reporters," we did not accept any foreign soldiers in our country, but now , as we face these crimes of Qaddafi, we are asking on the basis humanitarian and Islamic principles for someone to come and stop the killing"

What Makes A man Attractive

For the study about the attractiveness of men for women more than 80 women university students between 18 to 34 looked at pictures of 49 similar aged men, and were asked to to evaluate them for masculinity and attractiveness. Smaller groups of women listened to recordings of the male voices, and smelled samples of their body odour, taken from cotton pads worn under the arm for 24 hours. "The main aim was to understand what makes a man attractive," and whether at least some of those qualities were in part conditioned by foetal environment" Ferdenzi said in an interview. For the visual test the results were ambiguous." The longer the ring finger compared to the index , that is greater the exposure testosterone, the more attractive the face was rated , she said. We also found that, attractiveness and symmetry in the face are highly correlated. such a preference might have evolved to boost a female chances of reproductive success through mating with a more virile partner, researcher said. Surprisingly, however, women did not consistently tag the same men as "masculine", nor did their preferences for odors correspond to the longer ring finger. The ring -index finger ratio has also proven to be useful indicator of gauging the risk of prostate cancer, likewise tied to high levels of testosterone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Ring Fingers Are Indicative Of Attractiveness Of Men

The longer a man's fourth or ring finger is compared to his index finger, the more likely he is to be judged attractive by women, according to a study. The results published in the British Royal Society journal Biological Sciences, unveil intricate links between fetal exposure of males to hormones, the development of certain physical traits, and what turns on opposite sex. It also adds to a growing body of research conducted under the banner of evolutionary psychology, suggesting that the drivers of human behavior are found, more than previously suspected in "nature" rather than "nurture". Earlier study has already shown the size ratio between the fourth and second fingers, especially of the right hand, is a reliable indicator of the extent a man was exposed to testosterone while still in the womb. The bigger the gap between longer ring finger and a shorter index, the greater the likely impact of the hormone is.
For the new study led by Camille Ferdenzi of the University of Geneva designed an experiment to find out if women are drawn to telltale signs of high levels of testosterone in men; a symmetrical face, a deeper voice, a particular body odour who have this more "masculine" finger configuration.
( Continued)

Indian's New Traps For Pakistan

India always tried to divert the attention of Pakistanis and government of Pakistan from the chronic Kashmir Issue. It will never act upon the resolutions of the UN, but would try to play with the sentiments of the people and offers new incentives to exploit the passions of selected group of Pakistanis. Now , what it has offered that reflects the particular mentality of Hindus. The interior minister of India has said that India will relax the visa rules and make it easy for Pakistanis visiting India. India knows the people to whom it concerns will force government to accept all its conditions other than this issue for example trade relations and giving the status of favorite country. All this show that India wants Pakistan to forget about Kashmir every thing, withdraw its hands from moral support even. the sacrifices and all the struggle of Kashmiris during the several decades. If government is too eager and wants to make a special group of people happy, then it should dissolve the Kashmir Committee and give Maulana other ministry with all the protocols and status of a minister because he needs this only. What is the need of a huge army then why to spend on military that should minimized and only that much kept be maintained needed to help people during natural calamities in peace time IF GOVERNMENT IS INTENDED TO STRENGTHEN FRIENDSHIP TIES WITH INDIA (Majority of Pakistanis are in this favor)

Will Yemen Be Peaceful After Ali Abdullah Saleh?

Though Abullah is assuring his people that he may given only one year and he will hand over the power to "safe hands' and will leave. But, his previous history shows that he never spoke truth. But, a great sign of interrogation is that whether Yemen will be a peaceful country after him. As in Egypt again waves of protests started in the Historical Tehrir Square. Yemen may indulge in a never ending civil war. In dictionary the word "Yemen" mean south or gives meaning of "fortunate". In ancient times the Romans called it Arabia Felix. It is situated in the south of Saudi Arabia and has been a thoroughfare for the oldest cultures and civilizations. Due to its important location it has been playing a role of bridge between different civilization centers. Egyptian Shia Caliphs rules Yemen till 11 the century, in 16th and 19th century Turk Caliphs occupied it, but latest history of modern age started when during 1918 Yemen got freedom from Turkish Sultanate, in 1918 and 1962 Hameedud Din family rules Yemen. During 1962 northern Yemen declared it as a democratic republic while in southern area of Eden port remained under Union Jack, however during 1967 it was declared as as southern Yemen. In 1970 this region announced to follow communist style of government. During 1990, both the south and north parts got united in the form of Jamhurat ul Yemenia( Democratic Republic of Yemen) and Ali Abdullah Saleh who was the president of Northern Yemen since 1978 became the president of united Yemen and his presidential tenure has been continued for the last 33 years.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shale Gas Has Been Discovered In Pakistan

There is a great and good news for the gas load shedding hit people of Pakistan that the energy department of the USA has informed in a latest technical research report that there were vast reserves of "Shale Gas" in Pakistan (Again USA came to help Pakistan ).The reserve's estimate is 51 trillion cubic feet. It is the estimate of Sind reserves only, the Punjab has same quantity of gas too. The natural gas in Pakistan is 29.7 trillion feet.
Shale is a sedimentary rock and is found in various parts of the world. The same kind of rocks are found in plain areas of Sind and Punjab in abundance. Experts has confirmed years ago that these sedimentary rocks had oil and gas but there was a problem was to excavate them out, because the rocks are so soft to drill it easily. Secondly, the gas is found in thousands of feet in deeper layers of soil. Dozens of machines, thousands of workers and a longer time were needed for excavation so it was considered too costly. Now revolution has occurred in the gas sector a few years back and American experts have discovered new technology for for drilling of the shale rocks. In this way boring in the rocks will be easy with this process and gas could be taken comparatively with an ease. Now American experts have started drilling the rocks in the USA where they are found in abundance and the barren lands have become the golden mines and the owners of the lands have become millionaires over night. Because oil and gas companies are excavating thousands of wells in the areas.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why A Columnist Of A Pakistani Daily Wants To Get Grave Of a Muslim Humiliated

The well known and an experienced columnist of a Pakistani Urdu Newspaper wrote about the presidential reference filed in the Pakistan's apex court, invited repeatedly the "Jialias" (Political workers) to bulldoze the grave of the accused killer of their leader. He reminded them about safe (up till now) grave, which is in the center of Islamabad in the premises of the grand Faisal Mosque. He reminded them why they did not erase the grave from the surface of the earth. He said that they even did not move a brick and even did not draw a scratch on it. He wrote that the underground "resident" of this grave was the murderer of their great leader. He further wrote that people come to offer pray for the the deceased soul but party worker neither showed hatred or unlikeness to the the grave nor written any slogan against him there. They must not have permitted the "killer" to be buried on this important place by his heirs. If he was buried then why they left the grave in its present position. I was astonished while reading his column, being a Muslim how one can go to that extreme about a deceased person and about the disregard of a grave. What ever, the deceased did true or false, his case is inb the court of a Great Justice, Alimighty the Allah. IT should be left to him to decide or to the supreme court but graves must not be damaged.

The Situation In Afghanistan Is Not So Bad

When there cold weather starts in Afghanistan, the acidity mixed fog surrounds the the environment so hard that one can feel the taste of this poisonous mist. This fog is of the thousands of vehicles on the roads and the burning of coal and wood fuel in the kitchens. But, it shows that after the fall of Taliban, Kabul's population has doubled. It is now 3 million as compared to Taliban's regime. Corruption in the government section is on the rise and severity of the Taliban attacks is continues. But, other side of the picture also reflects other story- the reconstruction and development of the country. Though , this is done by foreign intruders for their own benefit. American administration wants to show the development in Afghanistan to its nation but Americans do not believe. Today 60 % Americans are against the Afghan war and want to end it immediately. During Taliban reign one million children uses to go to schools, now number is 6 million and girls are also included in them. Telecommunication system was nearly zero in the past now every two of three Afghanis have cell phones in their hands. To avail health facility at that time was a luxury, now majority of the people get treatment.The economic development rate also went up and is 20 %. This version of the prevailing situation is liked by many Afghanis and are satisfied with the government developmental work but hate its corruption. Because in the past according to many people, Afghanistan was a police state in the past and women were prisoners at home. Attacks on other religious sects were a routine matter at that time. Taliban , favored Muslim warriors, and destroyed the already damaged economy. In the Taliban reign civil war continued, before this communists rule the country and in the far past there was dictatorship or kingdom.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

USA's Secret Agency Has Established Its Network In FATA,

An American daily reports that dialogue between CIA and ISI have failed and CIA has established its secret network in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and does not need any help from ISI. The sources near to US administration disclosed that during last two years CIA strengthened its network that identify for drone attacks and now it would not depend on Pakistan's information to attack. Pakistan categorically refused to ISI chief to decrease the number of drone attacks. USA did not agree to explain the reasons for each and every drone attack. USA also complained that Pakistan delays in issuing visas to its diplomats, agents and military trainers.

Natural Herb Inhibits Many Diseases

According to researchers drinking juice of Aloe Vera on a regular basis help maintain health by replenishing body naturally with essential amino acids. In 2004,scientists tested the effects of aloe vera on certain bacteria which prtoved that it inhibits the growth of Streptococcus and Shigella bacteria and prevent human condition like rheumatic fever, pneumonia, meningitis and diarrhea. Aloe extract has been proven to decrease blood glucose level and it can prevent or at least slows down the the development of diabetes. Aloe vera juice provides natural support for the immune system and increases protein absorption, decreases unfriendly bacteria, yeast, increases a greater healthiness, increases energy levels, and maintains a healthy body weight.
Aloe vera can be used to disinfect wounds, and can protect open wounds from certain microorganisms that cab cause infection. It can be used to treat injuries that occurred on soft tissues such as mouth ulcers, kankar sores, fever blisters, and other lesions, bleeding gums and for hair growth. It can be used as sunscreen on the face. Almighty Allah has bestowed upon human -being with lot of things and cure of diseases have been created before any disease was created. It is upto human being to seek search and explore the nature and find and see the miracles of nature.