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Monday, April 18, 2011

Why A Columnist Of A Pakistani Daily Wants To Get Grave Of a Muslim Humiliated

The well known and an experienced columnist of a Pakistani Urdu Newspaper wrote about the presidential reference filed in the Pakistan's apex court, invited repeatedly the "Jialias" (Political workers) to bulldoze the grave of the accused killer of their leader. He reminded them about safe (up till now) grave, which is in the center of Islamabad in the premises of the grand Faisal Mosque. He reminded them why they did not erase the grave from the surface of the earth. He said that they even did not move a brick and even did not draw a scratch on it. He wrote that the underground "resident" of this grave was the murderer of their great leader. He further wrote that people come to offer pray for the the deceased soul but party worker neither showed hatred or unlikeness to the the grave nor written any slogan against him there. They must not have permitted the "killer" to be buried on this important place by his heirs. If he was buried then why they left the grave in its present position. I was astonished while reading his column, being a Muslim how one can go to that extreme about a deceased person and about the disregard of a grave. What ever, the deceased did true or false, his case is inb the court of a Great Justice, Alimighty the Allah. IT should be left to him to decide or to the supreme court but graves must not be damaged.

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