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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pakistan's Atomic Centers Are Safe

The Chief Executive of the Strategic Technology Resources Dr Shirin Mazari said that there were 20 centers for radiation monitoring but no one had identified any extra ordinary happening. Director of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) Zahir Ayub Baig said that in Pakistan strict safety measures had been adapted for checking and monitoring of the atomic plants and standard rules were implemented for the safety of the plants. The above mentioned authority checks and takes care of the safety and standards of the atomic reactors of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in Pakistan. After the accident in atomic reactors of Japan, PNRA has directed the PAEC to review the safety measures of the atomic reactors.
What is Radiation:- Radiation is the term used for the traveling of the energy particles and energy waves from one place to another. There are two types of radiation, one is ionized; that may have so much high energy that can pass through atom and other is non-ionized it is the visible waves of radiation or light. However, radiation is usually used for ionize radiation. Energy coming out of its source travels in straight lines to all the directions. The ionized radiation from x-rays, gamma-rays and atom-bomb's blast is more dangerous, due to being in higher quantity damages tissues. However, both the ionized and non-ionized radiation is harmful for living organisms and the environment.

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