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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carcassonne (France)- A City Rich In Natural Scenic Beauty

The walled city of natural beauty in France is also called the "Guard" of ancient dialect languages. It has been an important city since the Roman Empire due to being situated at the peak of a mountain. From the defense strategic point of view this city always has been of a great importance. Its aerial view shows this city encircled in 2 mile long double wall, which has more than 50 towers. This is a fact that this ancient city is the part of a a big castle the "La Cite de Carcassonne". Once most of the people lived with the boundary of the wall, but now due to rise in population they live outside too. The wall has been neglected since long, no care or repair of the wall has been done resulting the braking of the wall from place to place and occurring of the cracks. But now services of an architect has been hired and repair work of this ancient and historical wall would be done. This architect has rehabilitated other famous land marks of France. In the old street hotels of the city serve traditional foods too.
Taroudant (Morocco):-
Taroudant is also a walled city situated in Southern Morocco. This has been the way for the passage of trade caravans between Sahara and Marrakech for a long time. This city has been enjoying the prosperous cultural life due to gold and copper mines nearby. The city has a range of Atlas mountains on the back. The color of the wall is red because its construction was done with red bricks made up of reddish clay during 16th century. The wall exists today too around the city. The continuously developing and progressing business as well as cultural activities have greater interests for tourists. The jewelery, carpets and handicrafts of the city are very much liked by the visitors.

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