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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Is Not Spared From Spying

If you use facebook or twitter then add someone carefully as a friend, because it is possible that some of your new friend may the member of CIA, or member of ant American secret agency or any other agency of this type. Darlene Storm of of computer world says that "CIA and other secret agencies of USA had started a plan " Operation Earnest Voice" with the cooperation of army a few years back in Iraq with the aim to start psychological war against Al-Qaeda and its allies on internet too. The people related to this operation attempted to bring what they thought "The Truth" and started replying and negating the views and thoughts of Al-Qaeda and other fighters. This operation is still continued in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East." One can imagine the importance of this operation by the expenditure spent on this plan. Every year $ 200 million are allocated for the operation.Last year American army had given a contract to a well- known USA security agency H B Grey Federal to prepare a special software "On-line Persona Management Service". This software will enable a person to register and maintain account on facebook or twitter with at least ten fake names. This software will also prepare CV, history and other details of the fake member and the every agent of the secret agency. In this way this fake member would make friends on the social networks with ten different names.

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