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Friday, April 22, 2011

The New Natural Gas Can Fulfill The Needs Of Pakistan

Pakistan has a vast reserves of Shale gas in Baluchistan and Punjab Provinces. Likewise, India has 61 trillion feet gas according to American energy department. Worth mentioning is that India has already started work on the exploration of gas, while Pakistani higher ups are sleeping , inspite of severe shortage of natural gas and closure of 50 % of the industries. The difference between natural gas and Shale gas is that the first is found usually under the coal or sand beds while later is found only in shale rocks and in more depth. However, both have the similar properties. There is a great revolution in this sector due shale gas in the USA. There are some negative sides of shale too, and there is discussion continued in USA. Some american complain of noise due to digging of gas wells in neighborhood and they can not sleep or take rest. On other side hundreds of Americans who leased their lands to gas companies are getting million of dollars. Actually, American did not care for gas before, though they have 272.5 trillion feet gas reserves. In the USA only 6 millions homes are heated using gas. American realized its importance during 2008, when the oil prices went up to $150 per barrel.

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