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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some American Favor Corporate Espionage

Expert in the Pakistan study of the University of George Town, professor Christin Fair says," if private spies are spying, helping military, and making the diplomacy easy it is not an extra ordinary thing. Truth is that now we the Americans are now running our jobs through private contractors. We fight wars, run embassies and get other tasks done by private contractors". However, she agrees that problems like high expenses, legal status and unlimited freedom are also related to these contractors. Professor Christin also says," Raymond Davis belonged to the cell of CIA in Lahore that kept an eye on the activities of Lashkar e Tayyaba (Tayaba Army). It is possible too that Raymond was given the responsibility of searching the contacts between ISI and Lashkare Tayaba. As it was not acceptable by ISI, so they employed some persons to chase Raymond. May be the persons killed by Raymond were chasing him" Professor Muqtadar Khan who is the teacher of international relations in Delaware of USA says," that power balance during the last few years has been in favor of India that the difference between Pakistan and India in the economic sector is so vast that Pakistan is not capable of getting Kashmir through traditional means of war, so Pakistan is depending on non-traditional ways to strengthen its defense against India for which Lashkar e Tayaba has an important role. India and USA blame Lashkar for Bombay attack in 2008 also blame ISI for helping the Lashkar. A case is also in the federal court of Newyork against ISI in this regard, it is possible that Raymond may have been been spying for this case".


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