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Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Of Qaddafi--The Dictator Of Libya

Qaddafi has married two women. His first wife Fateha Khalid was a school teacher. This was a traditional and arranged marriage. Qaddafi's parents selected Fateha as his bride. He says that he had not seen her face before marriage. However this marriage did not succeed and they separate after six months. Qaddafi's elder son Muhammad Alqddafi is the son of Fateha. His second wife is Safia Forax, she was a nurse. She belongs to Ben Ghazi that is under the control of rebellions. She belongs to "Brassi" family that is an influential tribe in the area. She gave birth to 6 sons and one daughter. She is also fond of collecting gold like the first ladies of Hosne Mubarak and fled president of Tunisia Zainul Abedin Bin Ali. It is said that she has 20 tonnes of gold and she is also the owner of an airline. She travels in chartered planes. She has also a fleet of luxury cars. Safia Sarash Albarasi was the friend of former first lady of Tunisia.
The elder son of Qaddafi Muhammad Alqaddafi is an engineer. He is also the head of a Libyan Olympic company. In addition , he is also the head of general post and communication committee. His second son Saif ul Islam Qaddafi is an architectural expert. He is the graduate of Fateh University in Tripoli and chairman of International Charity and Development Foundation of Qaddafi. He is also the spokesman for Libyan government. He is not having good terms with his brothers Moatasim, Hina Bail Alsadi and sister Aisha. He habitual to liquor, drugs and girls. Commonly , Aisha and Saif ul Islam are known to the world. Qaddafi's adopted son and daughter were killed in American bombardment. It is also said that his present nurse is Qaddafi's third wife.

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