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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Private Companies Will Join Space Tourism Soon

Shuttle Discovery has completed its life span.The other two space shuttles "Atlantic" and "Andrews" will possibly be grounded this year. The two other space shuttles "Challenger" and "Columbia" were destroyed in tragical accidents. The Challenger was destroyed soon after launching on January 28, 1984 and all the seven astronauts aboard died. While, "Columbia" was also spread into pieces on its return journey on February 01, 2003 killing seven astronauts.The oldest member of the fleet of space shuttles the "Discovery" during the last 27 years had 39 space journeys and spent one year (365) days in the space collectively. It carried different equipments, artificially built satellites, robotic air crafts and other tools and instruments needed for the under construction ISS in the space. Having a lot of achievements in the field of astrology the "Hubble" telescope was also carried by discovery to the ISS. Discovery also took astronauts twice to the ISS for its repair and also the robotic space air craft "Ulysses" and 3 telecommunication satellites built for the study of sun reached to orbit through discovery. The oldest 77 year astronaut was taken to space by Discovery. After grounding the other two shuttles the NASA's space shuttles program will reach to its end. The economic condition of the USA does not permit to continue space program further. However, "Orean" is being built that will have the capability to journey ahead of ISS to ward moon and other stars. Till the completion of Orean, The USA will depend on Russia to take its astronauts to the space. Russian space plane "Soyuz "was though built in 1969, it is still in use.Soyuz has been taking astronauts to its space stations "Salyut" and "Mir". the USA will depend upon private space companies in addition to Russia. Private Space companies had already several experimental flights to space, though they have not yet announced their regular flights to space. It is expected that private companies will soon join space tourism.

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