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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Development In India And China Is Not Dangerous

The people in the USA and Europe are afraid of opening eyes in Shanghai or Bombay after awaking in the morning from night long sleep. Actually, the jobs of the Americans and Europeans have shifted to China, India, or South Korea. China has become a "manufacturing machine". China is manufacturing and throwing in the market items like cars to solar panels. On the other hand, India has a large number of expert and trained engineers in all the fields. Indians are competing the American graduates in all those sectors of Research and Development and software development that had bestowed the economic supremacy the west, before. Many organizations prefer Indian engineers because they agree to work for lower salaries than Americans. Therefore, from London to New york, many people are afraid of being unemployed. As many as 2.5 billion Indians and Chines are living in these two countries (USA and England) how can they save themselves from them. So, Americans and Europeans are scared of Asians. Experts say that economic power is shifting gradually toward east. However, one side of this is pleasant for westerns that these 2.5 billion people are becoming rich and will provide opportunities of progress and development other people of the world. Thirty years ago Chinese and Indians could hardly get daily food items and other facilities of life. The poverty of these millions of people was a problem for the world. The third world countries were so poor that they had to depend on richest countries specially on the USA. But today, China and India have become the centers of the world economic and millions of Indians and Chines can afford luxury items like cars, LCTV, Australian Stake and American iPhone.

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