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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheapest Artificial Petrol

the increasing corbon dioxide quantity in the environment is under discussion globally. The increased CO in the air and environment is called creates "global warming" It is the increase in the average temperature of the world that is changing the climate. Experts say the global warming is changing the climate negatively that is harmful to the human beings and vegetation of the globe.Due to global warming cold or hot weather or duration of snowfall in the world has changed drastically. Some where heavy rains cause floods and destroying the cities and in some regions span of ling drought is prevailing. To control the negative effects of global warming carbon dioxide expulsion must be brought under control. The CO2 expulsion and accumulation is also caused by the fuels used in the vehicles and also from the industries. Though as an alternative bio fuel has been developed to be used in the vehicles but it did not prove too effective. Similarly , the use of solar energy in the cars is very expensive. So to combat with the global warming British Scientists have prepared a fuel that is based basically on hydrogen. It would be used in the car engines with out any change. It will be cheaper too than the presently used fuel and will cost half the price of that of petrol used now a days. This achievement was done by the joint team of researchers headed by Professor Stephenson Huntington of Oxford University and University College London. This artificial petrol would not give CO2 out but water instead. This would be used for the planes too. This petrol will cost $ 1.50 per gallon.

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