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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Chairperson Of Yemen's Women Journalists Without Chains

In Yemen 52% of the population is belong to sunni sect of Islam. Among them Shafis are in majority. Then come Hanblis amd Malkis and Shias are 46 % while, Zaidis are more in number among Shias. Then come Twelvers (Asna Ashris) including Ismaili shias.Majority of Sunnis live in South and and South Eastern part while Zaidis are in majority in North and North western part of the country. Ismailis and Jafferis live in the central cities of Sana and Muarib. Non -Muslims are in minority and are less than 1 % of the total population. Minorities include, Hindus, Christians and Jews. National language is Yemeni Arabic and it is culturally a rich country and various cultures are intermingles with different civilizations and traditions. Astonishingly, Yemen spends 9.6 % of its GDP on education. However, the situation of human rights in the country always remained worst. At present the opposition leader is re known journalist Tawakul Kirman. She protests against government every Tuesday. She is the Chairperson of Yemen's Women Journalists Without Chain. She was arrested and tortured many times during her struggle for human rights. She clearly confess that her movement got encouragement and power from the movements in Tunisia and Egypt. Poverty prevails in Yemen, children are under-nourished, masses have to spend their 30% earning to find one-time meal. Health and treatment facilities are not available to the people. In this people are justified to stand against the government which they are intending to do now.

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