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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Secretly Hurted Islamic Fundamentalists

The first task done by president Obama after sitting in the oval office, was to assure CIA director that no action will be taken against them of the past crimes. Inspite of Obama's assurance American agents were feeling fear. This was the reason that seven former directors of CIA wrote a letter to president Obama and pressed him that the investigation being done against the attorney general Erik regarding torture on prisoners may be stopped. The basic point of the letter was that after 9/11 the policies adapted by the officers and agents of CIA were necessary to protect USA. But they did not mention that when CIA got freedom to do what ever they liked and they forgot the moral norms, law,humanity and justice. In the letter they also requested Obama to amend and the review the constitution in a way that they in future any opposite government may not may not be able to drag them in the court. The head of the Homeland Security Committee Liberman also pressed Obama that" The CIA should not be held for any mis-doing as they are performing the most dangerous but a task in the best interest of the nation. They must not get anxious that any attorney general can sent them behind the bars, though former attorney considered their activities legal"

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