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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dubrovnik- A Kroshian Adriatic Coastal City At The Junction Of East And West

Dubrovnik is the city of Kroshia that is situated at the coast of Adriatic Sea and junction of east and west. this city had learnt the tactics of its defense or security and the wall around the city reminds of that ancient age. During the long journey of centuries the height of the wall rose to some places upto 80 feet and its width is 20 feet. The walls, forts hideouts and towers have played their role as grand maritime power in all the ages. Today the walls remind of the invaders that attacked the city from 17th century to afterward but the dwellers of the city defended themselves bravely. The attackers included Arabs, Turks and Italians (citizens of Venice). During the past, a summer festival was used to be celebrated by the capture rs of the city Dubrovnik. They constructed vast grounds and special buildings for the celebrations of the festival. Today too this festival is celebrated with that zeal and enthusiasm. People come in large groups to enjoy theater and live music in the festival. The celebrations are held in the "Lovrijenac Revelin" forts of ancient city. The spectators are very much interested in the sloppy terraces of the forts. If you want to walk over the wall or want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastal city then enter from the Pile Gate look at the natural beauty of this walled city.

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