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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Atomic Installation Are At Risk Too

Where In Japan earth quake measuring 9.0 at Richer scale followed by heavy Tsunami shook the country and caused thousands of deaths, leakage from nuclear plants also posed a greater risk from radiation. On the other side experts are terming the American nuclear plants at more higher risks than those of Japan. Scientists say that there are more nuclear plants in number in the USA than any other country and some of them have been built on the places where underneath quake fault lines exist. According to American Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), there are 14 nuclear power centers located from from New york to California. In some of the plants dangerous incidents took place during 2010 that were kept secret from public under Official Secrecy Policy. It is worth mentioning that some plants are being managed by private companies who showed carelessness in taking proper safety measures, resulting in minor incidents off and on. The report about the the risks of American nuclear plants was issued by the Director of the Nuclear Safety Program David Lock after the leakage in the Japan's nuclear plants. According to the report, in the Japan's Atomic Complex that is is situated 170 miles to the North of Tokyo, the condition is worst due to Tsunami. Japan has installed GE Mark 1 type of Atomic Reactors in this complex. In the USA, 24 reactors are of GE Mark 1 type out of 124. The claims of Japan about terming its plants the safest in the world, have dashed to the ground. The USA claims like that too, so scientists have reservations about its nuclear plants safety.

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rhinoplasty said...

That is possible. Atomic plants are always been under the biggest threat. They must find fair solution for it.