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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will Yemen Be Peaceful After Ali Abdullah Saleh?

Though Abullah is assuring his people that he may given only one year and he will hand over the power to "safe hands' and will leave. But, his previous history shows that he never spoke truth. But, a great sign of interrogation is that whether Yemen will be a peaceful country after him. As in Egypt again waves of protests started in the Historical Tehrir Square. Yemen may indulge in a never ending civil war. In dictionary the word "Yemen" mean south or gives meaning of "fortunate". In ancient times the Romans called it Arabia Felix. It is situated in the south of Saudi Arabia and has been a thoroughfare for the oldest cultures and civilizations. Due to its important location it has been playing a role of bridge between different civilization centers. Egyptian Shia Caliphs rules Yemen till 11 the century, in 16th and 19th century Turk Caliphs occupied it, but latest history of modern age started when during 1918 Yemen got freedom from Turkish Sultanate, in 1918 and 1962 Hameedud Din family rules Yemen. During 1962 northern Yemen declared it as a democratic republic while in southern area of Eden port remained under Union Jack, however during 1967 it was declared as as southern Yemen. In 1970 this region announced to follow communist style of government. During 1990, both the south and north parts got united in the form of Jamhurat ul Yemenia( Democratic Republic of Yemen) and Ali Abdullah Saleh who was the president of Northern Yemen since 1978 became the president of united Yemen and his presidential tenure has been continued for the last 33 years.

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