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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shale Gas Has Been Discovered In Pakistan

There is a great and good news for the gas load shedding hit people of Pakistan that the energy department of the USA has informed in a latest technical research report that there were vast reserves of "Shale Gas" in Pakistan (Again USA came to help Pakistan ).The reserve's estimate is 51 trillion cubic feet. It is the estimate of Sind reserves only, the Punjab has same quantity of gas too. The natural gas in Pakistan is 29.7 trillion feet.
Shale is a sedimentary rock and is found in various parts of the world. The same kind of rocks are found in plain areas of Sind and Punjab in abundance. Experts has confirmed years ago that these sedimentary rocks had oil and gas but there was a problem was to excavate them out, because the rocks are so soft to drill it easily. Secondly, the gas is found in thousands of feet in deeper layers of soil. Dozens of machines, thousands of workers and a longer time were needed for excavation so it was considered too costly. Now revolution has occurred in the gas sector a few years back and American experts have discovered new technology for for drilling of the shale rocks. In this way boring in the rocks will be easy with this process and gas could be taken comparatively with an ease. Now American experts have started drilling the rocks in the USA where they are found in abundance and the barren lands have become the golden mines and the owners of the lands have become millionaires over night. Because oil and gas companies are excavating thousands of wells in the areas.

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