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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Country Having Self Confidence And National Integrity And Soveregnity Can Kick The Diplomates Of Raymond's USA

Foreign Secretary of a poor country Like Uzbekistan, but having regard for national integrity can kick the US diplomat out of his office. When fall of USSR occurred and Soviet Union had to quit Afghanistan different Muslim States got freedom, Uzbekistan was one of them. USA immediately opened its embassy with a huge number of officials that were 400 in number. One of the former officer who worked in the a USSR's sensitive department said that tough we became poor but did not accept slavery to the USA. He said that after few months of the establishment of US embassy in Uzbekistan, a letter was received in Uzbek foreign office to issue a visa to new military attache as the one there was going to complete his tenure. He said our embassy did not care to respond but threw this file aside. Us embassador to Uzbekistan reminded several time that there military attache had to leave and visa for new comer be issued immediately but our foreign office used to reply that there documents were forwarded to the higher authorities and will issue visa when our bosses agree.( which was never done, actually). Meanwhile, the military attache completed the tenure and left the country. Ambassador again wrote that their military attache was gone and we have to fill the vacant post by new one for whom visa was needed. Our foreign office asked the ambassador to visit the office of the foreign secretary along with the documents of military attache and all the details of other officials working in the embassy. ( Note ambassador was called by foreign secretary, not the head of the state or the government , like Pakistan). When the US ambassador met the secretary along the list and details of his official of the embassy. Secretary asked the ambassador," What do you think your excellency, is the was over" Ambassador replied it was over. Uzbek foreign secretary said if the war is over then no need of military attache remains in our country, therefore, visa for the same can not be issued. Moreover when the war was no more there so US embassy did not need that much officials in the embassy so we are canceling visas of 360 people you can keep only 40 officials in the embassy. You will have to direct all of them to leave our country within 15 days. Oh yes Mr Ambassador as the was over so you do not need to have military bases in our country, you will have to get them emptied within 2 weeks, other wise all the equipments, planes, and other items will be confiscated. Ambassador wanted to say some thing but foreign secretary said no more arguments Mr Ambassador, if you have any objection to our decision, you can close your embassy and return to your country. After all this threats Ambassador left the foreign office and every thing was done the way our country wanted to be done. This happened 20 yeas ago, neither any action was taken by US nor it attacked Uzbekistan, and no visas are issued to every American now. These are the character and role of sovereign states in the world.

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