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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Global Cities That Are Influencing The International Affairs

The population of a city even consisting of more than ten million comes in the last when looking at its status of importance. The global city is the only that where business and trade activities are at peak, governmental management is exemplary,rule of law prevails, Citizens must have all the basic amenities of life available, have offices of big companies and have vast range of cultural and traditional activities and lastly is the population that be enough. So, Karachi, Lagos and Kolkata though have huge populations but do not have other pre-requisites to be ranked among global cities. This fact is worth mentioning that grading of international cities shows that economic power balance is shifting to east from west. Among the the today's 10 top global cities ranking, five cities including Tokyo, Hongkong, Singapore Sidney and Seol are in Asia and Pacific region. While, only three cities Newyork, Chicago and Los Angles are in the USA and London and Paris are in Europe. Strange thing is that a new category of cities have been noticed that population of the former towns have increased so much that has established new records. All these cities include industry-bassed cities in Chinese provinces and new cities taking birth in the deserts of Arabia like artificially settled "city of knowledge". So a new era has ushered that has grand cities with millions of population and hundreds of skyscrapers.

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