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Friday, April 8, 2011

Review Of Security Officers Stemming From Pakistan Case

After the Raymond Davis case in Pakistan, CIA has launched a vast plan " Internal Analysis Plan". This plan has been started on the direction of the head of the institution Leun. Under this plan it would be planned that how to impart suitable training to the agents. how they should be deployed in foreign countries. and what the limits of their activities in other countries, and what would be situation and circumstances when they can use arms or guns. Under this plan Raymond Davis would not be investigated who killed two Pakistanis directly and others two indirectly. However, Justice Department is investigating about the case. The launching of "Internal Analysis Plan" shows that Raymond Davis case has shaken the CIA organization to greater extent. Specially reservations are prevailing among the officers about the performance and character of the private contractors who are linked to CIA in a large number. The head of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers says," Davis did not take any unlawful step, however the relations between Pakistan and USA have been affected negatively." Therefore, Pakistan had strongest protest against the drone attack in North Waziristan on civilians, while USA say they were terrorists. However, this plan indicates that officers at CIA realized not to leave private agents on their own. They must be made brought under some rules and regulations to avoid cases like Davis'. The officers of CIA are astonished that why Davis fired 9 shots on the "Looters" ( according to him), and remained on the spot for quite longer time, while trained agents do not do like him.

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