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Friday, April 15, 2011

Can Pakistabn Be Affected By Japan's Radiation

After the earth quake and Tsunami, the leakage from the Nuclear plants of Japan the waves of rumor spread in the South Eastern countries like Pakistan , India and Bangladesh that these countries could be affected by the radiation.Experts in India say that if the location of these countries is kept in mind then it is not possible due to the high mountainous range of Himalayas for the radiation effects to cross it through winds. Another Indian expert says that the incident of Chernobyl was more dangerous than that of Japan. The leakage from Japan's plant was meager. An Indian Scientist said that many people faced the minimum dose of radiation through x-rays. In the Chernobyl Nuclear plant leakage incident 4000 people died and thousands were affected. These effects were like that of cancer. Experts also say that there is misunderstanding about the use of Potassium Iodide tablets that it can save one from radiation. They say that these tablets are not recommended till the radiation reaches to a particular level that is twenty thousand micro Seurats. According to experts the purpose of using potassium iodide tablets is that to equip the thyroid glands with common iodine so that they are enabled to prevent radiated iodine from damaging glands. The World Health Organization says that tablets can not prevent radiation and provide protection specially against other radiated element the seesimm.

1 comment:

rhinoplasty said...

This could be possible. Radiation of Japan now spreading in almost half of Asia. India and Pakistan both has similar risks from affected with this.