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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Segovia-- An Ancient City Of Spain

The wall build with stones around the Segovia, city of Spain have a lot of attraction for tourists. The place within the walls are no less beautiful. Roman aqueduct, the underground channels of water is a masterpiece of engineering. In Pakistan Baluchistan province have underground channels called "Caraiz". Segovia wall is made up of thousands of stone blocks with out using any pasting material like cement,How the blocks have been jointed is not known like "Pyramids" in Egypt. On the city a Gothic caderal is shading like a grand bird. The old Royal Palace called Alcazar of Segovia of the city is also worth seeing which is not far away from Avila. It has been included in the list of International Heritage of UNESCO.
Rhodes of Greece:
The ancient city of Greek, the Rhodes has a lot of zigzag streets and roads. Between theses streets and roads the city is located with grandeur. This city has ancient defense walls and forts. These were build during the reign of knights in the 1300 century. Rhodes is also on the list of International Cultural Heritage. Wall has divided the city into two parts. In the northern part there is beutiful palace and in the southern part live the atheists. Rhodes is the city where once stood the statue " Acropolis of Rhodes" which had been included among the seven wonders of the world.

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