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Friday, April 15, 2011

Increasing World Population And Low Yields Of The Crops

There are 180 newborns added to the world population after each minute.The major reason of increased population rate is decrease in the death rates and higher average age of the individuals due to health consciousness, and higher birth rates in some of the countries as well. The birth rate is mostly higher in the backward, poor and under-developed countries of the world. The major cause of food crisis is lower yields of agricultural crops due to unforeseen climatic changes. During 2008 in Australia due to floods the yield of wheat crop remained half against the estimates. Therefore, Australia had to import wheat that caused rise of the wheat grains in the international market. Similarly, those Asian countries that depend on Mon son rains for the crops, get lower yield if the rains are not timely and in required quantity for the grain filling and maturity of the crops. This was the reason of lower sugar cane yields in India during 2009, and India could not fulfill the sugar demand in the country and had to import sugar, resulting high prices in the international market. Natural calamities like floods in Pakistan last rainy season floods caused billion rupee damage to the property, crops, lands houses and also many lives were lost. The recent floods during 2010 in Australian provinces of Victoria, Queen's Land and New South Wales had to bear a loss of $ 596 million of agricultural production, while 2.1 million people wre affected, according to Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economic and Science of Australia. The other reason of food crisis according to Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network of the World Bank is the low priority of major wheat exporters like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Canada regarding regarding the cultivation of the crop. These countries give low attention to the wheat crop and do not bring more area under cultivation.

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