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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Turkey - The Super Power And The Wealthiest Country Of The Islamic World

The famous magazines of the USA has published the list of the richest people of the world for 2011. The magazine's list shows Turkey as having the richest persons of the Islamic World. The list contains the names of 39 persons, among them one Turk belongs to Cyprus. The collective money of these wealthiest Turks is $ 63.7 billion. It means according to the magazine that most of the Turks have huge amount of money among the people of the Muslim World. After Turkey comes Saudis, whose 8 billionaires have $ 54.8 billion. Last year list consisted of 28 billionaire Turks, meaning that 11 new billionaires joined the list of richest persons of the world. It shows that Turkey is progressing by leaps and bounds in the economic field. Since the Islamic minded, Tayyab Urdgan, Abdullah Gul and their companions came into power, Turkey is forwarding ahead in the row of top countries of the world. The 66 years Muhammad Amin Karamat is the richest person of Turkey with the total assets of $ 4 billion and among the world list is 268th. His major source of income is Turk Cell Mobile Company. It is the only Turkish Company registered with the New york Stock Exchange. Recently company gained an investment of $ 12 billion and this way an amount of $ 101 billion got added to the Muhammad Amin's wealth.

1 comment:

rhinoplasty said...

This is true. Turkey is great Islamic country and it can become superpower of Islamic world. It's GDP growth proved it's development. It has one benefit that it is situated in Europe. And in Europe mostly countries are developed and rich.