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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Atomic Plants Need To Be Checked And Reveiwed

Both Japan and the USA are alike with respect to hiding the routine defects and minor accidents occurring in the nuclear plants, from the public. In Japan ten years back dangerous type of incidents had occurred, whereas, in 1997 and 1999 100 workers were affected in two incidents. This happened when rods for nuclear fuel were being built. During the Japan's current nuclear crisis Wikileaks has disclosed such documents that show that International Nuclear Regulators had warned Japan that its its nuclear plants could not tolerate the earth quake of higher intensity. But, it is clear that neither the government officials nor the people responsible for the safety of atomic industry took notice of the warning. Theefore, no safety measures were taken. On other side, Rolph Nider has pressed the American officials to review the atomic plants because most of them are too old and some are located on the fault lines. While plants on the Western area have risk of Tsunami. The report of the Union criticized the illegibility of NRT for taking safety measures. It is further warned by the Union that nuclear plant situated at a distance of 25 miles from New York has many problems but its repair is not being done though the concerned authorities have been warned several times. It is the biggest atomic installation of the USA which is located on the Eastern coast. This area has the danger of quakes and already radiation leakage has occurred during refueling. It happened nearly 12 years ago.

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