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Monday, April 25, 2011

Newyork Is The Most Influential And Powerful City Of The World

A survey was conducted by American three independent organizations Global Management Consultants,Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute to prepare a list of the most influential cities of the world. The following basic qualifications for the ranking were considered:- What is the capital of stock exchange of the city, How many offices of International companies are located in the city, what is volume of the business, what is the number of refugees, what is the quality of education in schools and colleges,how many international standard schools the city has, what is the literacy rate of the city, how many newspapers and magazines are published, what is the standard of censorship, how many people use internet, how many international games are held, how many exhibitions of fine arts are held, and how much the people of the city influence the international decision making. In the survey it was cleared that population of a city has very little role to play in the ranking. Though Karachi is the 10th city in the world on the basis of population but its rank among the powerful cities of the world is 60th. Karachi remained on 50th ranking on the basis of GDP. Newyork with population rating of 6 and with GDP topped the list. In the descending order were London, Tokyo, Paris, Hongkong, Chicago, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sidney, Seoul(with population rating of 22 and GDP 19). Interestingly, in the Islamic world the smaller city Dubai topped the list In the overall list it is on 27 ranking), Its population rating is 56 and GDP ranks 30th), then comes Istanbul, Cairo, Kualalumpore, Djakarta, Dhaka. The rising super power China's most influential city Beijing was rating on 15th number with population rating 13 and GDP 13.

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