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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Global Cities- Around Them International Economy Revolves,

You will be astonished to know that in future the sources of power will be the cities not the countries loke USA, China, Brazil or India. The countries would have no value in front og these grand cities. Experts say it looks strange but is hundred percent true that future administration, economics and powers will concentrate in few cities. However, this would be like a global village as is considered but will be in form of a network. The rise in the population,extension of trade and industry,and developments in the field of science and technology has enables and centralized power and energy in many cities that they can challenge the status of various countries. Today 60 % of the population lives in cities, in addition, the economical volume of only 100 is 30 % of volume of the international economy. Now, all the inventions, scientific creations and developments are carried out in the cities. Some cities have been the hub of power for the last several centuries e.g. London, Newyork and Paris. The economy of only Newyork is more than 46 African countries. Similarly, a smaller state like Hongkong receives more tourists than a big country India. Today these cities are the engine for globalization and their fuels are money, information and stability. An only thickly populated city can not gain the status of a global city

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