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Friday, April 8, 2011

We Do Not Need CIA- Ron Paul

Seventy-five year old Ron Paul is a famous politician of the USA. He is specially famous for his bitter but truthful talks. He has participated twice in the presidential election campaign, during 1988 ans 2008. He belongs to Republican Party ans is the member of House Of Representatives. But due to his straightforward attitude is not much popular in his party. He is basically against the wars in the world, specially he criticizes the " World Policeman" role of the USA. His new book," Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues that Affect Our Freedom". will be marketed on 19th of April this year. The main points of his book are:-
CIA should be abolished, it is a Terrorist Organization. This has played a major role in defaming the USA in the world. Huge expenses are spent on its existence but its performance is zero. USA should stop extending foreign aid because it is a deception. Aid can be defined as taking money from the poorest people of the richest countries and be handed over to the richest and most powerful persons of the poor countries. American have to face police everywhere. One has to confront security in markets, homes, playgrounds and even in churches. Now, neither the homes remained ours nor family. We are ask to spy each other and search the weaknesses of each other. If we go somewhere, government officials search our bodies and we are made stand like culprits. If some body protest he is enlisted on the hit list. If you disclose the truth like Wikileaks you become the target of secret agencies. I, some times see the American society like the novel" 1984" that is based on doubts. Recently, Paul tabled a resolution in the congress that to call back American Army fromn Afghanistan till December 2011 , but this could not be accepted. He also criticized the American Attack on Libya and termed it as extra law act.

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