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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Countries Nearly Unknown To The People Of Modern World

We know some of the countries due to their world status in this big world, some of the countries that we know are those which fulfill our needs, some countries always remain in the news, but world does end here. Thee are some of the countries that most us do not know about their existence. Some of them are:-
It is situated in Pacific Ocean and consists of several islands. Its capital is Port Villa. Lolu Abil is the president and Sato Kilman the prime minister of this small country.It got its independence from France and Britain on July 30, 1980. Its total area is 4710 square miles and population 2.43 million. Its official name is Democratic of Vanuatu.During the decade of 1880, both France and Britain declared this country as their part, afterward both agreed to run its administration jointly. in 1970, people of this country started freedom movement and in 1980 it got freedom and became a democratic country. Its 80 % of the population lives in villages and depend on orchards for living.These people rear livestock and are fishermen mainly. Scoba diving is the favorite game of the country and tourists visit this country for this game. They are familiar with Tsunami and earthquakes have affected the economics of this country. The population of women is more than the men in this tiny country. The national language is Bislama, while official languages are Bismala, English,and French. Medium of instruction for education is English and French. Its main religion is Christianity and countries was divided into 6 provinces in 1994. It is a democratic country and its has written constitution. The head of state is the president and that of government prime minister.The economy of the country mostly depend on agriculture, tourism, off-shore economic services, fishing and live stock. Main exports are dry coconut, kawa, beef, coffee and timber. They import machinery, equipments, tools and food items.

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