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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nerendra Had A Leading Role In Godhra Riots

Senior IPS officer Sanjeev Bhutt, who has filed an affidavit before the Indian Supreme Court implicating Gujrat Chief Minister Nerendra Modi in the 2002 riots in the wake of Godhra train burning, said that he will not backtrack from his statement despite any pressure. Bhutt said in his affidavit that Modi had said that Hindus should be allowed to vent their "anger" after the death of 59 kar sevaks when two bogies of the Sabramati Express set afire Feb 27, 2002. He also expressed his doubts about the neutrality of the Special Investigation Team(SIT) probing the violence that followed and which claimed more than 1000 lives. Answering to a question by a private news channel on pressure on him to withdraw his testimony, Bhutt said," I have never backed out from saying truth anywhere, anytime in my life." He said that ant kind of pressure would only make him more determined."Instead of worrying me, this kind of subversion makes me more resolute because all I am doing is stating the truth, I am stating what I know, said Bhutt a 1988 batch Indian Police Service Officer. " I was privy to a whole lot of information, as an intelligence officer. So I can only disclose if I was under a legal consideration and not before that," he said pointing out that he had covered all these points in his testimony to SIT.

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