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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Extra-Law, Extra-Constitution Institution Of The USA

No law of USA can interfere in the unlawful activities of CIA of the USA. What the senator and the former director of the CIA wanted, its gist has been given by the famous American journalist Gullien Green World as," The intention of the former director of CIA is that Obama should kill the justice and leave the CIA to work extra lawfully. If any hurdle or difficulties come in the way of CIA, government may handle itself." It is worth mentioning here that before the letter was written by the former director, the present director Leun had threatened the government if investigation about torture cases against CIA officials, he would resign. After his threat all the investigations against CIA were stopped. Thus, CIA won but American and International law was defeated. Recently, Amnesty International issued a statement that court case should be launched against Bush and his team for torturing the prisoners and adapting inhuman methods for investigation. But sorry to say that American judiciary is not so strong and independent to drag the former president in the court. A few months ago Bush canceled his tour of Europe as some advocates wanted to register a case in the court against him. However, American must realize that their CIA is no less than German Gestapo.

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