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Sunday, April 24, 2011

World's Most Premature Baby Born in germany

A German woman gave birth to a one-pound baby after only 21 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, making it the world's most premature baby to survive. When Freida was born on November 7, she measured 11 inches (28 inches) and weighing only one pound (460 grammes). Five and half months later, she is finally fit to leave the clinic in Fulda, western Germany, in next few days, now weighing 7.7 pounds(3.5 kilos) for 50 centimeters (nearly 20 inches). Doctor on duty said" there is no foreseable risk of after effects for the moment" and that little girl" should develop normally like any other child" Professor Repp told her survival was a miracle.

1 comment:

rhinoplasty said...

Greta news. Usually babies born before 22 weeks have no chance to survive because their lungs, heart and brain are not sufficiently developed. Very premature babies are considered high risk for developmental problems.