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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Poor And Unknown Country- Comoros

Comoros, officially names as Union Of Comoros, consists of many islands in Indian Ocean. Its president is Ahmad Abdullah Muhammad Sasmi and capital, Moroni. It got freedom from France on July 06, 1975. Its area is 863 square miles and population 6.91 million.It is situated opposite to the Eastern Coast of Africa and between Mozambique and North Western Madagascar. Tanzania is situated to the North Western side while Seashells is towards North East. It is the sixth smallest country of Africa regarding its population. In Arabic the word Comoros mean "Moon". This island has attraction for its multi-cultured society, history and traditions. An island Mayotte, which is disputed. has French as official language, but Union of Comoros has 3 official languages, Comori, Arabic and French. Union of Comoros or the governments coming in power after freedom did not take control of Mayotte, it is still under the control of France. Among the other islands of Comoros, Mayotte was the only island that opposed the freedom from France. Union of Comoros is the only country that has member ship of African Union, Organization of Islamic Conference , Arab League and Indian Ocean Commission. The president of Comoros is the head of state and head of government as well. It has very small number of police force and as well as that of defense force. Both of the forces consists of 500 individuals each.

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