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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hadit Of The Prophet (PBUH) About The Population Of Big Cities

Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal the great poet and philosopher when was on tour to Italy during 1931, he met the leader of Italy Mussolini. The great and intelligent leaders again met on November 27th, during talks Mussolini asked the Great Poet Of The East that he should give him some suggestion. Iqbal replied" do not let the population of the city to increase, fix a limit of population for a city and when that limit is reached, get additional settled in new city". Mussolini asked more details of the suggestion, Allama great Scholar) Iqbal said," if a population of a city crossed a set limit then moral values get to degrade, crimes were to increase and culture and civilization basis are damaged." Hearing this Mussolini kept silent for a while and then shouted with an enthusiastic way "what a great suggestion you have given to me" Dr Iqbal smiled and said it is not my idea or thinking but our Prophet (PBUH) had said 1400 years ago. It is truthfulness factual foreseeing of the Great Prophet of Islam that what He said centuries before, western experts are convinced 100 % with his sayings. Imagine the problems of education, drinking water, transport, pollution, sewerage systems, crimes, unemployment and shortage of accommodations and many others, in big cities of the world like Bombay, Karachi, Manila, Lagos and Kolkata. ,

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