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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indian's New Traps For Pakistan

India always tried to divert the attention of Pakistanis and government of Pakistan from the chronic Kashmir Issue. It will never act upon the resolutions of the UN, but would try to play with the sentiments of the people and offers new incentives to exploit the passions of selected group of Pakistanis. Now , what it has offered that reflects the particular mentality of Hindus. The interior minister of India has said that India will relax the visa rules and make it easy for Pakistanis visiting India. India knows the people to whom it concerns will force government to accept all its conditions other than this issue for example trade relations and giving the status of favorite country. All this show that India wants Pakistan to forget about Kashmir every thing, withdraw its hands from moral support even. the sacrifices and all the struggle of Kashmiris during the several decades. If government is too eager and wants to make a special group of people happy, then it should dissolve the Kashmir Committee and give Maulana other ministry with all the protocols and status of a minister because he needs this only. What is the need of a huge army then why to spend on military that should minimized and only that much kept be maintained needed to help people during natural calamities in peace time IF GOVERNMENT IS INTENDED TO STRENGTHEN FRIENDSHIP TIES WITH INDIA (Majority of Pakistanis are in this favor)

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