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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Makes A man Attractive

For the study about the attractiveness of men for women more than 80 women university students between 18 to 34 looked at pictures of 49 similar aged men, and were asked to to evaluate them for masculinity and attractiveness. Smaller groups of women listened to recordings of the male voices, and smelled samples of their body odour, taken from cotton pads worn under the arm for 24 hours. "The main aim was to understand what makes a man attractive," and whether at least some of those qualities were in part conditioned by foetal environment" Ferdenzi said in an interview. For the visual test the results were ambiguous." The longer the ring finger compared to the index , that is greater the exposure testosterone, the more attractive the face was rated , she said. We also found that, attractiveness and symmetry in the face are highly correlated. such a preference might have evolved to boost a female chances of reproductive success through mating with a more virile partner, researcher said. Surprisingly, however, women did not consistently tag the same men as "masculine", nor did their preferences for odors correspond to the longer ring finger. The ring -index finger ratio has also proven to be useful indicator of gauging the risk of prostate cancer, likewise tied to high levels of testosterone.

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