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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Situation In Afghanistan Is Not So Bad

When there cold weather starts in Afghanistan, the acidity mixed fog surrounds the the environment so hard that one can feel the taste of this poisonous mist. This fog is of the thousands of vehicles on the roads and the burning of coal and wood fuel in the kitchens. But, it shows that after the fall of Taliban, Kabul's population has doubled. It is now 3 million as compared to Taliban's regime. Corruption in the government section is on the rise and severity of the Taliban attacks is continues. But, other side of the picture also reflects other story- the reconstruction and development of the country. Though , this is done by foreign intruders for their own benefit. American administration wants to show the development in Afghanistan to its nation but Americans do not believe. Today 60 % Americans are against the Afghan war and want to end it immediately. During Taliban reign one million children uses to go to schools, now number is 6 million and girls are also included in them. Telecommunication system was nearly zero in the past now every two of three Afghanis have cell phones in their hands. To avail health facility at that time was a luxury, now majority of the people get treatment.The economic development rate also went up and is 20 %. This version of the prevailing situation is liked by many Afghanis and are satisfied with the government developmental work but hate its corruption. Because in the past according to many people, Afghanistan was a police state in the past and women were prisoners at home. Attacks on other religious sects were a routine matter at that time. Taliban , favored Muslim warriors, and destroyed the already damaged economy. In the Taliban reign civil war continued, before this communists rule the country and in the far past there was dictatorship or kingdom.

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