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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spying Bird Invented With A Cost Of $ 4.0 Million

The creation and invention of of the researchers just looks like a tiny bird, but it is named as "Humming Bird". But, actually it is the most sophisticated and latest computerized devise that can be operated by remote control. Humming bird is the most smallest breed of the birds, it can fly with moving its wings swiftly and can stay in the air at one place for a longer time.It is the only one of the kinds of the birds that can fly in the reverse direction having its beak and face ahead. It took 5 years and $ 4 million to give it complete shape to be used. The length of humming bird is only 16 cm and its weight is less than the battery of a wall clock. The modern spying plane ( Humming Bird) can fly with a speed of 11 miles per hour. Devise is equipped with latest cameras and and audio-visual instruments. It can catch the lightest sound in the air. The important thing is that this devise is exactly made like the natural humming bird and can not differentiated if flying with other birds of its kind This spying humming bird has been developed by AeroVironment under the instructions of PENTAGON. This is a major manufacturing company of drones. The USA wants to use this spying bird in Afghanistan, because most of its agents are killed by Taliban.

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