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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tunisian Jews Are More Loyal To Their Homeland Than To Israel

The head of the Tunisian Jewish Community Perez Altrablasi has rejected the offer of Israeli Minister for Immigration LundBear, for migration to Israel. Perez has termed this offer depending on a bad intention that carried huge financial incentives for settling in Israel. He said we are Tunisian from our ancestral age and our life and death in our homeland, Tunisia. He said that the role of Tunisian Community in the current revolution was no less than the followers of any other religion in Tunisia. He said that statement of Israeli Minister about the poor situation of law and order in Tunisia is wrong and baseless reflects his unawareness about the Tunisian revolution. He said that the minister's negative propaganda about the safety of Jews, after the Zain ul Abidin fled, was incorrect. It is worth mentioning that Israel had offered $ 0.25 million to every family migrating to Israel. The population of Jews Comunity in Tunisia is 0.2 million and majority of them live in Jarba Island which is situated at the distance of 550 km in the South of Tunisian capital. The Tunisian Jews are prominent in the Arab World because they are loyal to their homeland rather to Israel.

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