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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jang-GEO Group Reponded To The Mubashir Luqman's Allegations

Afterall Jang-GEO group came up to respond to the allegations of ARY Anchorperson Mubashir. The host of ARY show had alleged the GOE TV for having links to Indian intelligence agency RAW. In a nine-page response written in Urdu, Jang-GEO group has termed the allegations baseless. The spokeperson of the group said they love their country (Pakistan) and want solutions to all major issues including those of Kashmir, Water and Siachin through dialogue with India. Talking about the internal inquiry report showed by Mubashir in ARY show, the spokeperson og GEO said they had contacted Editor in chief Sanjay Narain of Hisndustan Times over the allegations and inquiry report through email and telephone, "Sanjay told they did not conduct any inquiry mentioned by the anchor person ARY. The group in its counter-allegations statement said that the Geo and Jang group have been alleged in the past and blames from taxi evading to bank defaulters, stealing of printing papers, and saying pro-India and pro-America but no blame could be proved yet in the courts. They said that this time private media channels are being used for the allegations on Jang-GEO group. They said that among the accusers include, Aqeel Kareem Dhadhee of Karachi Stock Exchange, former chairman of Security Exchange commission, Muhammad Ali, an anchor of a private channel called 'Jahaz Wala'( of the plane), who has a precious car and his own plane, and a former jounalist of Jang group. They added that a self-posed spokeperson of secret agencies known as 'lal topi wala' (of red cap) is also among those who alleged the group. The Jang group said that Jang group gives special focus to investigative reporting and unveiled the financial irregularities and corruption scandals. They said our several news are telecast and printed against INdia and America, but they are authentic and with proofs.

Had A long Courtship With John Mayer Before Dating--- Katy Perry

So romantic! Katy Perry and John Mayer did not rush into their relationship before they began dating in summer 2012. The 29-year-old singer tells the Nov 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly that she and Mayer had exchanged love letters for a long time before going public. Perry tells the magazine that her secret pan-pal relationship with 36-year-old singer was the inspiration for her "Legendary Lovers" track on her new album "prism". " I actually wrote it in an email one time and after i wrote it I looked -- we had a long courtship before anything was public, just writing letters to each other, and seeing 'legendary lovers' it sounded so nice" she reveals. "Something float into my mind and I process them, and then I make songs about them". "I never knew I could see something so clearly looking through my third eye." Perry sings in the song, "Never knew karma could be so rewarding, and bring me into your life/ May be this is the beginning of something magical tonight." Perry's relationship with John Mayer began shortly after she finalized her divorce from Russel Brand in February 2012. (The"Part of Me" singer and the British actor filed for divorce from Perry in December 2011, after 14-month of marriage). Mayer's famous girlfriends include Tayler Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Thompson. A source recently told Us Weekly that Perry and Mayer are getting serious in their relationship. They have been for 15 months now ( with three months break earlier this year)and are heading toward an engagement. " Everyone know it is jusyt a question of when Mayer propose" the insider told Us Weekly. How are they making their romance last? The couple is still sending love notes to each other. The source told Us that Perry and Mayer "realize they mudst be together" and " they Skype and text all day".

World's Yougest Mother- A 5-year Peuvian Girl

Into the hospital at Pisco (Peru) came a tired, ragged Indian woman from the foothills of Andes. She led by the hand a little shy girl, scarcely three feet tall, with chestnut braids and an enormously bulging abdomen. Pointing to the frieghtened girl, the Indian woman begged surgeon Gealdo to exorcise the evil spirits which had taken possession of her. Certain that little LIna Medina had abdominal tumour, Dr. Geraldo examined her, and received the surprise of his life when he discovered she was eight months pregnant, making her the yougest mother ever. Dr Geraldo took her to Lima, capital Peru, prior to surgery to have other specialists confirm Lina was in fact pregnant. A month and a half later she gave birth to a son by caesarean section necessitated by her small pelvis. Her surgery was performed by three specislists providing anaestesia. Her case was reported in detail by Dr Edmundo Escomel to La Presse Medicale, along with additional details that her menarche had occured at 8-month of age, and that she had permanent breast development at the age of 4. By age 5 her figure displayed pevic widening and advanced bone maturation. Her son weighed 2.7 Kg (6 pounds) at burth and was named after hid doctor Geraldo. He was raised believing that Lina was his sister but found out at the age of ten that she was his mother. He grew up healthy but died at the age of 40 due to disease of bone marrow. There was never evidence that Lina Medina's pregnancy occured in any but the usual way, but she never revealed the father of the the child, nor the circumstances of her impregnation. Dr Escomel suggested she might not actually know herself by writing that Lina " could not give precise responses". Lina's fsather was arrested on suspicious of rape and incest, but was later released due to lack of evidence. Lina later married Jurado, who fathere his second son. They live in a poor district of Lima Chicago Chico (small Chicago). Lina refused to give interview to Reuter.

A Girl Who Never Grew Up

A 20-year-old -American woman looked no older than 5-year. The woman named Brooke Greenberg who passed away recently was born prematrely. Although a woman of twenty, Greenberg suffered a rare medical syndrom. which made her look no more than 5-year-old, Daily News reported. Fascinated by hr rare medical condition, doctors reffred her to Brooke's affliction as syndrome X. Brooke's condition came to light when her younger sister grew past her. After consulting doctors, they were informed that Brooke had vey faint chance of survival. However, they were shocked to see her make it to 20-years of age. At no point of time in life did she feel neglected as her parents, sisters and extended fasmily showerd her with love and respected her dignity. Brooke was little on the small side, but nothing abnormal, Brooke's father told. Scientists studied Brooke's DNA in a bid to learn about ageing.

If Pakistan Wants The Drone Attacks Can Be Stopped Immediately--- American Congressman

A member of Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Representatives in american Congress, Alen Grason has said that if Pakistan stopped to facilitate drone strikes and want to stop them, the attacks can be stopped at the time. Actually US wants Pak army to involove in war with Taliban in North Waziristan, if US stops drone strikes then army will have to take the place of drone attacks that forces do not want to get involved in this operation. So, it is clear that drone attacks are being carried out with the consent of Pakistan. This is a fact too that terrorists are killed in the attacks, but as they have relatives in Waziristan and many have married there so they are surely residing in the houses and with the attacks women and children are also killed. Grason said the Pakistan army has the capability of controlling terrorists and Pak air force too strong to do it all. Therefore, he wants to get the Pak Army involved if drone attacks are withdrrawn.

Dutch National TV Has Included Veena Malik Among The Six Influential Muslim Women

Western press is highlighting Veena Malik as its puppet and Dutch National TV has included Veena Malik among the six Influential Muslim Women of the world. Dutch TV has also announced to make a documentary about different aspects of life of Veena. Veena is well known for her obscene shoots and bold performance in Indian films. According to the reports of Indian newspaper 'Times of India' and magazine 'India Today' the third episode of the documentary film will consists of Veena Malik highlighting such aspects of her life that sare not known yet to the world. Veena Malik has confirmed the news and said that she was contacted by the team of Dutch National TV and informed that they were shooting a documentary on the lives of such six Influential Muslim Women of the World who are living their lives independently and according their own will and wishes. The team head informed her that she was selcted for the documentary. Dutch TV also shot during the curent month the daily routine activities of Veena Malik in Bombai. Veena has termed this experience a precious one of her life.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Twitter Users Demand Inquiry About GEO Links With RAW After Mubashir's Revelations

Since startling revelations of Pakistani journalist Mubashir Luqman's revelations on ARY TV show, regarding illegal involvement of GEO TV in Hindustan Times article against ISI and upcoming BOl TV, social media Twitter is abluzz with trends like BAN Geo, We demand Inquiry on GEO linlks with RAW etc. Indian Nespaper Hindustan Times in its story published said that its premier intelligence agency ISI and undrworld don Dawood Ibrahim were launching upcoming BOL Tv. However, later the paper removed its story and gave the clarification. Mubashir during his show on ARY TV last Friday showed the internal inquiry report prepareed by the Indian paper.

POETRY== Hayat e Gumgashta (Lost Life)---11

*-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein (Do you remember too) *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (There was a girl and a boy) *-- Waqt e Wida Thee Lab Pay Dua ( At the time of Seeing the boy off, girl had prays for him on her lips) *-- Aur Aankh Mein Aansoon Ki Laryaan ( And there was shower of tears from her eyes) *-- Aarez e Gulgoon Puszmurda Aur Hasrast Ki Tasweer Bani ((Her red roses of cheeks got yellowish and she look like a statue of sorrow) *-- Dil Mein Laey Tufan e Malal (Hiding a storm of pinching, hurting and grief in her heart and mind) *-- Lirki Larkay Ko Takti Thee (Girl kept on looking him with grief)) *-- Idrak Usay Kuch Kahta Tha (Her instict was alerting her) *-- Kay Daekh Lay Shayad Phir Kabhi Daekh Na Paey Tu (That see the boy as much as you can may be you might not see him again in life) *-- Qismat Say Kabhi Mil Pataay Hein Do Bichray Dil Phir Dunya Mein ( Two pated hearts may meet with luck and good fortune in life again) *-- Larka Bhi Chupaey Ashkoon Ka Seelab Ek Apni Aankhoon Mein (The boy too hiding a heavy flood of tears in his eyes) *-- Karkay Sabt Salam e Mohabbat Pusht Pay Dast e Hinai Kay ( Pasting his love kiss on the back of hand of the girl) *-- Bojhal Bojhal Qadmoon Say Larka Rukhsat Ho Jata Hae ( The boy leaves with heavy, slow and unwilling steps) *-- Insaanoon Kay Jungle Mein Larki Tanha Rah Jati Hae (The girl remains alone in the jungle of humans) *-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha *---- Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir*----

Discerning Foreign Leader's Intentions Is Key Goal Of The Nation's Spying Operations---US Intelligence Chief

Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper said spying on World's leaders was a "top tenet" of US Intelligence policy. But he told the intelligence panel of House of Representatives US did not "indiscreminately" spy on nations. Mr Clapper was reacting to a growing international row reports the US eavesdropped on foreign allies. "Leadership intention is kind of a basic tenet that we collect and analyze," Mr Clapper said, adding that foreign allies spy on US officials and intelligence agencies as a matter of routine. He said that what he called the torrent of disclosure about American surveillance had been extremely damaging and that he anticipated more. But he said there was no other country that had oversight that the US had, and that any mistakes that had been made were human or techinical. It is said that if anyone was expecting apologies or embarrassment from the leaders of intelligence community they in for disappointment. Also testifying before the House Intelligence committee was National Security Agency (NSA) director General Keith Alexender, who called media reports in France, Spain and Italy that NSA gathered data on millions of telephone calls "completely false'.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Single Mom Loses Job Over Topless Shower Pictures

In today's increasingly web-oriented, digital world, it is easy to forget that posting photographs and other sensitive information can come back to haunt you. Between the dangers of sexting, virtual relationship gone awry, and general overexposure, the internet can become a very inhospitable place for some people. Read on to learn how a firefighter and a single mom suffered real life consequences for uploading racy photographs online, and remember internet is forever. In 2013, 26-year-old Firewoman Clare Deloughrey, posed for a series of racy photographs for a photographer friend. In the pictures, Deloughrey is shown coming home from her job as volunteer firefighter, smoke detector installer and safety councillor in her uniform with black soot on her face. She then slowly removed her uniform, showered and tried on sexy lingerie, while the photographer snapped hundred of photos some of which were topless. The images were put online on photographer's website, where a fellow firefighter happened to see them and alertd the employer. Deloughrey's employer, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service, immediately launched an investigation and evetually fired the young lady mother of one. Their complaint was not that Deloughrey posed for the nude pictures but that their logo had been featured in some of the images and they feare that their brand had been used without permission. Though Deloughrey complained that their decision was sexiest because male fire fighters pose shirtless for calenders and other promotional materials, legally her employer was in the right. A Spokesperson for the fire department replied to the Deloughrey's accusations of sexism with the following statement," What our staff do in their private lives is a matter for them, however, when they do so using our brand, they are representing our organisation. It would not matter if they are male or female, paid or unpaid, we would not want our brand used in any commercial venture without our permission."

Daud Ibrahim Promised To Gift Cars To Indian Cricketers If They Beat Pakistan In 80's Sharjah Series

One of the most dreded personalities of the world, Dawood Ibrahim offered cars to Indian cricket players if they defeat Pakistan in Sharjah 1986's series. According to the former captain of Indian team Dilip Vengsarkar, Daud gave precious offers to Indian players if they beat their arch-rival Pakistan during Sharjah series in 1986. Surprisingly, it was the same series in which historic Javed Miandad's sixer on Chetan Sharma's last ball of the match that led Pakistan to victory. According to Vengsarkar, Dawood Ibrahim came to the dressing room of Indian players where he also introduced actor Mehmood as a businessman. However, he was thrown away of the dressing room by Kapil Dev who was captain at that time. Vengsarkar claimed that most of the Indian players wee unaware at that time who Dawood Ibrahim really was? Courtsy (thenewstribe)

Danielle Fishel Debuting Her Stunning Bikini Bod On Her Honeymoon

Take that hater! Outspoken starlet Danielle Fishell let her fit physique do the taling on October 27 when she stepped out of the ocean debuting her stunning bikini body while on her honeymoon with her new husband Tim Belusko in Hawaii.Love The Girl Meets World star, 32, recently took to Twitter after her critics bashed her weight on Oct 19 wedding. "Ppl saying, I was FAT @ on my wedding, u r the worst kind of Ppl on PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds and m 5 ft 1 in" YOu are the reason annorexia exists. She Tweeted on Oct 22. "I hope you will look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks Love and happiness wins again." This is not Fishell's first time showing some skin. The actress appeared in cream-colored lingerie on April 2013 cover of Maxim magazine. Two weekends ago, clad in a lace-covered strapless gown, she married longtime boyfriend Belusko in downtoen Los Angeles. Her on-creen hubby Ben Savage attended the service and the bridemaids wore blue midnight gowns. Fishell is currently enjoying her Hawaiian honeymoon, after which she will return to film Boy Meets World spin- off, Girl Meets World, where she and Savage will be once again be married, this time with children.

Mubashir Luqman (ARY TV) Revealed The Provision Of Anti-ISI Article To Indian Paper By Geo Network

The anchor person of ARY TV show "Khara Such" Mubashir Luqman has revealed that the article published in Hindustan times against ISI was originally provided to the paper by Pakistan Goe Network. Leading English daily 'Express Tribune" reported that Mubashir gave the details of the article that appeared in an Indian daily "Hindustan Times" both in ita print and web editions on September 29, 2013. This nefarious designed compaign was read by millions of readers in its both the editions. The article focussed on an upcoming TV channel to be launched in Pakistan and alleged that this venture was being backed by Pakistan's premier intelligence together with the members of the underworld. Following the appearance of the article, a legal notice was sent to Hindustan Times, which resulted in an internal investigation by the management, removal of the offending article from website along with a clarification and inconvenience was regretted. Courtsy (thenewstribe)

Asfandyar Wali Sold Pakhtoons For $ 30.5

Former senior leader of ANP and senator Azam Khan Hoti accused Asfandyar Wali and Afrasyab Khattak both of having a secret agreement with the USA rgarding Taliban. He said this agreement was done when both hese leders were in the USA for 10 days. He said I would not say anything that can affect the relations of two countries. I will didclose everything slowly not at a time. He said ANP will soon know its ststus. He furher alleged both the leders sold Pakhtoons for $ 30.5 and an Arab country was also with them in this deal that was about Taliban. Azam Hotoi said in a press conference that the blood of 800 martyres of ANP is lighting the palace of Asfandyar Wali. He said he also considered himself for this brutality as I was in the party. Azam Hoti said he has no written proofs and everybody knows that deals like this were never written. He said the Arab country which was a pasrt of this agreement gave the money from its account to pay to Taliban. Thespokesperson and senator of ANP has refuted the allegations.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Am All Anyone Talks About! Literally!--Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is everywhere these days, Case in point: The singer showed up randomnly at Satureday Night Live this weekend to announce her 2014 Bengarz tour. But, Miley would not have it any other way, telling the latest issue of Cosmopolitan that is the "most insane" year of her life- and she is loving every second of it. "Everything is so chaotic and crazy right now and it is so much all at once, but I am loving for it" Miley says. "I am just having the best time ever and everything is falling into place like it is supposed to. Even people who want to hate on me, they can not even shut down the fact I am literally what everyone is talking about."

Commissioner Peshawar's Burn Case Is Turning Into Mystery

Special developments emerged, revealing some mysterious sections of burn case of Peshawar's commissioner Sahibzada Anis ur Rahman with a 29-year-old lady Asghar Nisar or Asghasr un Nisa in a room of Park Tower Islamabad. Intial investigation reports provided evidence that both the persons are well known to each other, as the burnt woman belongs to Kurram Agency, a tribal area of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtoon Kha province, while Sahibzada met her as political agent of Kurram agency, sources said. While entering in the flats both the persons including Anees ur Rahman and Asghar Un Nisa submitted their national identity cards on the building's reception, which afterwards were taken into custody by police, the sources added. Surprisingly, the things became more mysterious when intial statements of the persons were found contarary to each other. The injured woman said the purpose of meeting was attesting some documents from the commissioner Peshawar, while Anis ur Rahman declined any connection with the woman. Commissioner Peshawar has been shifted to a private hospital in Rawalpindi from PIMS while the woman is still under treatment in PIMS Islamabad. According to latest information Sahibzada has passed away.

Storm Batters Southern Britain

A teenager in Kent and a man in Watford have been killed by falling trees as storm batters parts of Britain. About 270,0000 homes are without power, while rail services across much of southern Britain have been cancelled as high winds brought down tress. Network rail said, the damage was "worse than expected" while 130 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow airport. Met office said a gust of 99mph (159 km/h) was recorded at Needles old Battery, Isle of Wight, at 5.00 GMT. The environment agency has issued 12 flood warnings-in south- west England, East Anglia and te Midlands, there are also 132 flood alerts across England and Wales. In addition, it has been reported that three houses have collapsed and others have been damaged following a gas explosion caused by fallen tree on Bath Road, Hounslow. A double-decker bus "rolled over" in Suffolk, injuring the driver and several passengers. Both reactors in Dungeness power station B units have been automatically shut down as the power to the site was cut off. The helter-skelter at Clacton Pier in Essex has blown down butthe structure has not fallen down into the sea. Deputy prime ministe has cancelled his monthlyn press conference because of a crane collapsed on the roof of the cabinet office. airports including Heathrow and Gatwick are warning of possible delays to flights, advising passengers to check with he airlines.

Norwegian Village Received Winter Sunlight For The First Time Ever

Residents of a remote village nestted in a steep-sided valley in southern Norway are about to enjoy winter sunlight for the first time ever thanks to giant mirrors. The mountains that surround the village Rjukan are far from Himalayan, but are high enough to deprive its 35,00 inhabitants of direct sunlight for six months in a year. That was a century -old idea, as old as Rjikan itself was brought to life to instal mirrors at 400 meters (437 yards) high peak to defelect sunlight to central square. "The idea was a little crazy but madness is our middle name", said Oestein Haugan, a local project coordinator. "When Rjukan was founded, it was a bit crazy to start a community in the middle of nowhere, with this massive hydroelectric plant, huge pipes and a railway line to transport fertiliser to rest of the world", he added. It was first mooted by Norwegian industrialist Sam Eyde, at whose behest Rjukan was established. Eyde founded Norsk Hydro, and wanted to take advantage of enormous waterfall to produce chemical fertiliser. From just 300 inhabitants spread out across scatterd farm in 1900, the population grew up to 10,000 in 1913, and the ambitious industrialist endorsed the project to deflect sunrays into he village. "It is one the few projects that Eyde was unble complete, due to a lack of appropriate technology, mayor Steiner said. Instead he built a cable car, which is still in use, to allow his employees to recharge vitamin D levels with sunlight at the top of the mountain. An artist Martin Anderson, who arrived in village from Paris picked up the idea around 10 years ago. " The further we got into winter, the further we had to drive out of the valley to enjoy sunlight. So I asked myself why not move the sunrays instead of ourselves?" The explained. The idea was challenged by other residents who questioned to appropriateness of investing public money in he project instead of nurseries and schools. "Some labelled it a Mickey Mouse project, but it is true it was a little insane, but we have to think out of the box and explore new paths" the mayor said. Five million kroners (515,000 euro, $ 849,000) was raised for the project-four million from sponsors- and now there is three 17-square meter (183-squar feet) mirror-tower over the north side of the Rjukan village. A computer will control the mirrors so that they follow the sun to reflect the light on market square lighting up a 600-square meter (6459-square-feet) elliptical area. Inauguration is scheduled for some times next week depending on the weatjer conditions. "After basking in the sun people are beaming themselves," Haugan said after the final test. Besides getting more cheerful citizens, local authorities hope to capitilize on the extensive media coverage of the feat to bring in more tourists. Encouraged by its expected tourists revival, Rjukan even hopes to be included in Unesco World Heritage List 2015, as an example of industrial genius. " We have aready recovered our investment disens of time over. May be not in cold, hard cash for the local coucil but in publicity and market value." administrative head of the muncipaslity said. "Now it is up to us to manage this asset properly".

Fifty Secondary Groups Of Al-Qaeda Are Active In The Country

According to sources there are 50 secondary groups of Alqaeda are involved in terrirists' activities in the country under the cover of trusts and different NGOs. These groups attract young boys and girls on the name of education. It was also disclosed that these groups get enter unemployed people in the houses of high profile personalities and politicians to work as drivers, gardners, or chefs who have secret contacts with the Alqaeda groups and provide them information regarding secret plans and other measures about law and order. After which Alqaeda groups change their line of action or constitiute their plans according to the information provided to them. According to sources secret agencies have plan to initiate a huge operation against them as their activities have been monitored since long, while some of their aids have also been arrested. According to documents unique Nos. 172CD22E001072 and E00832 it was disclosed in a report that two groups have been assigned tasks of terrorist activities in Punjab and they were planning to complete the tasks. While four other groups are increasing their activities regarding secratarian clashes and terrorism activities in Lahore and Islamabad. The officials of Punjab interior ministry told that intelligence agencies were working to reach the deepest layers of the organizations.

Bomb Blasts Against Unarmed People Are Against The Teaching Of Islam--- Mulla Umar

The amir of Afghan Taliban Mulla Umar has appealed to the Afghanis to bouycott the presidential elections till the withdrawal of American forcs. He also said that bomb blasts against Muslims and unarmed people is against te teaching of Islam, however, attacks on America and its allies are right. according to a leader of Afghan Taliban Maulana Abdul Aziz, Mullah Umar said in an interview given to an American newspaper, that Afghan leadership has started a compaign against presidential elctions, while he also asked Afghanis in Pakistan not to cast votes in the election. He said that Karzai government was pro-Ameican and it was not possible to hold transparent and fair election. He said that Taliban were also an important part of Afghanistan and they can not be kept aside. If somebody understood that peace can be restored in Afghanistan or a strong political set-up can be constitited in Afghanistan without Taliban then he was misunderstanding. He said Taliban were never involved in attacking mosques or other sacerd places.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

T 20 World Cup 2014 Schedule Has Been Released By ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the schedule for T 20 World Cup which is to be played in Bangladah from March to April 2014. The tournament will start on March 16, 2014 and will conclude on April 06, 2014. In all 16 teams will play 35 matches totallly. Changes have been made in the format of the cpmpetition by ICC. Sixteen teams will participate insted of 12 teams. According to the rankings, 8 teams will automstically qualify for the super 10 atage. Pakistan and India will kick off the tournament in the super 10 stage on March 21 at the Sher a Bengal National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur. As the teams' seeding are based on the ranking of Reliance ICC T20 Team Rankings as on October 8, 2012, the top eight sides following the conclusion of ICC World T 20 Sri Lanka 2012, will play directly in the Super 10 stage. while Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, which finished outside the top eight will participate in the first round that will be held from 16-21 March. The first round of the men's event will include eight sides that will be divided into two groups of four teams each, wit table-toppers progressing to the Super 10 stage. Group 1 has South Africa, Sri Lanka, England, New Zealand and the first qualifier. Group 2 has Pakistan , India, Australia, West Indies and the second qualifier. Each team will play the other four teams in their respective group once and the top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-finals (April 3rd and 4th) and final (April 6th) will also be held at shera Bangla Cricket Stadium.

Aliza Broohi--- Another Malala In Karachi

Aliza Broohi started a school for the poor little girls of the laboureres working in steel mills. She clearly wtote on the wall out side of the school, here education is free. On the very first day 50 poor girls with mothers, who requested Aliza for admitting them in school. Aliza admitted all the little girls in school. Second day 50 more little girls came for admission. Now the two room building of school is too small for increasing number of students. Aliza is searching for another building. But another important reason for changing the school that some criminal elements throw stones in the school building and harrass Aliza and her little students. All the students of Aliza are from poor families, whose work as maid servants in bugalows and their fathers work on daily wages in the mills or with masons. But, astonishingly, Taliban's line of action is being repeated in a civilized city like Karachi, then why to blame Taliban?

Harrassment In India Around Moving Train On The Railway Station

In the CCTV footage obtained by a TV channel, a girl who is wearing a pink shirtis clearly seen avoiding the men, and shifting the places even when the train is moving. One of the men follows her when she walks away and continues to stare at her. The scenes like this a well sexual harrassment of girls in common at bus terminals and railway stations in India. Specially, Delhi is called the 'rape city. Gang rape cases are rising in India and in Marsshra provice overall. Inspite of large protests of women no action could be taken in his regard.

Cathie Jung--- The Woman With World's Smallest Waiste

American Cathie Jung, born in 1937, has a corseted waiste measuring 15 inches. Uncorseted it mesures 21 inches. Her enthusiam for Victorian clothes is why, at he age of 38, she started wearing a training belt to reduce her then 26-inch waiste. She never had surgery to define her waiste. She currently holds the record for world's smallest waiste. Herwaiste is about the same size as a regular jar of mayonnaise.

Twitter Is Ahead Of Facebook-- Latest Survey

Whether you believe or not facebook is lagging behind the twitter. Facebook no more is the favourite social website of youth. Twitter became the favorite social networking site of the youth, according to the report of an American company. The report was prepare regarding social media on the basis of youth trends in connection with fasion, media and brands. Last year 42 % of the youth had declarede Facebook as an impportant website of social networking, but after one year this percentage fell to 23 percent. While Twitter ids liked 26 percent of young generation. Intertingly, the website instsgram of Facebook is still at second position to twitter with 23 percent of likeliness.

Chairperson Tehreek e Musawat And Former Actress Musarrat Shaheen Will Rejoin Showbiz

Getting fame from film "Dulhan Eik Raat Ki" (Bride for one night) and then constituting a political "Tanga party" (limited party) Tehreek e Musawat, and contesting elections against Maulana Fazal ur Rahman twice from NA-25 Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) twice and and bagging some hunderd votes out of more than 100,000,both the times, former actress Musarrat Shaheen is thinking of acting in films again. Belonging to town Chaudhwan in district D I Khan and then residing in Zafar Abad colony in DIKhan city, Musarrat peformed as dancer in Flatti's hotel Lahore from where she was taken out by some Arab sheikh and returning to Pakistan she joined film industry and performed in several Pushto and urdu films. She was liked more for her dance and obscene performance than acting. After failure in films she made political party and became chairperson of the party. This tiny party could not gain any popularity and she was totally a failure politician. Now she is thinking of joining showbix. Producer Amir Shah climed that Musarrat Shahhen had agreed to perform in his film "Babar Sherni" ( tigress). When Musarrat was contacted she replied that she was still thinking about performing in the film. She was also offered to direct a Saraiki film by Malik Qaisatr from Multan. But, now she is too overwieght and old that she can neither dance nor can act in films as heroine. She will be a failure actress as an unseccessful politician. She had also introduced her sister Sawaira in film industry but after performing as extras in two or three films Swaira disappeare from the scene.

Jemima Khan 's Documentary On " Unmanned America's Drone Wars"

Voice is being raised internationally against American drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of PTI's head Imran Khan has also made a documentary film on the deaths of innocent civilians, specially women, elderly and children. Jemima Khan documentary "Unmanned America's Drone Wars" was launched in Islamabad. A 16-year, Tariq Aziz a football player came to Islamabad and raised voice against drone strikes in tribal areas. Whenhe returned back to his village in tribal area after a week was targeted by drones. Imran Khan has expressed hope that Jemima's film will eliminate the view that drones are only targetting terrorists but hundreds of innocent people have also been killed. The documentary shows that without knowing its targets drone strikes are increasing enemies of the USA in the world. Tribal people consider themselvs unsafe and have become psycho case. All this is due to the " Ameican slaves" in Pakistan, who are so scared that they can not save their people from deaths in drone attacks not can raise effective protests, though all the world including Amnesty International is pressing hard to stop drone strike ans massacre of innocent people.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kohisar Prison Islamabad Has Registered First Information Report Against Againt Singer Ainy Khalid

Renownee Pakistani singer Ainy Khalid has been subjected to case of treachery and for this purpose FIR has been registerd against her in Kohisar prison. According to media report the case has been registered against her at Islamabad's Kohisar's prison on the request of her ex-husband Malik Noraiz Awan. According to statement by Malik his ex-wife invested an amount of 10 million rupees and he had all the written proof of it. Malik said but Ainy did not give any profit to him and kept all with herself. Sources claim a case was registered on the basis of proofs provided by Ainy's ex-husband.

Commissioner Peshawar Along With A Lady Burnt In A Flat In Islamabad

According to sources commissioner Peshawar Sahibzada Anis along with a 29-year lady naming Asghar un Nisa wre burnt in room 17 of Park Tower Islamabad. It is said that lady had no relation with Sahibzada. Sahibzada received third degree burns. As stated the fire broke out a result of cigarette lighted by Sahibzada while ldy was there. Sahibzada anis 100 % burns while lady Asghar un Nisa reportedly received 47 % burns. The fire soread too quickly that they were unable to ger out the room. Both of them were immediately taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad. Burns Unit Hospital sorces claim that body of Sahibzada was 100 % burnt and chances of his survival were very low. Earlier the police reported that fire took place due to kitchen gas leakage. According to the details Sahibzada was in islamabad to see his son off who was flying to London on Saturday night. Sahibzada is in critical condition in Hospital according to latest information. The condition of both the burnt patients is still critical and Sahibzada is shifted on ventilator. It is said that as commissioner Peshawar is a high profile personality so some people were following him and he turned to friend's flat to avoid the followes. According to latest information Sahibzada has been shifted from PIMS to private hospital in Islamabad. His condition is uncertain yet.

Teenage Girl Commits Suicide After Being Stopped From Insane Use Of Facebook And Mobile By Parents

Seems to be turned into psycho afte excessive use of social networking and mobile. A teenage girl commits suicide for being stopped from insane use of Facebook and mobile. In western India parents asked 17-year-old girl to stop round the clock usage of social networking. According to police, Ashwariya Dahiwal, living in in Parbhani city of Maharashtra province, was a fanatic user of Facebook and mobile. The issue had become the issue of contention between the girl and her parents. After mounting pressue from her parents she hanged herself in her room. Police has found a letter putting light on reason of her suicide.

The Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

*-- Sieur Freminet (Rebreathing Device -1772) In 1772 Frenchman Sieur Freminet tried to invent a rebreathing device for scuba diving that recycled the exaled air from inside the barrel. This was first self-contained air device. Unfortunately, Freminet's invention
was a poor one and the inventor died of lack of oxygen after being in his own decice for twenty minutes. *-- Max Valier (Liquid-Fueled Rocket Car-1930) On May 17, 1930, Max Valier, an Austrian rocketry pioneer, was killed when his alcohl-fuelled rocket exploded in his test bench in Berlin.
In 1928 and 1929 Valier worked with Fritz von Opel on a number of rocket-powered cars and aircrafts. By the late 1920s Valier was focussing his efforts on on liquid-fuelled rockets. Their first successful liquid fueled test occured in Heylandt plant on January 25, 1930. On April 19, 1930, Valier performed the first test drive of a rocket car with liquid propulsion, the Valier Heylandt Rak 7. One month later the alcohol -fueld rocket exploded during the test. *-- Henry Fleuss (Oxygen Rebreather -1876) In 1876 Englishman Henry Fleuss invented a closed circuit oxygen rebreather. This suit used compressed oxygen instead of compressed air. His invention was originally inted to be used in the repair of iron door of a flooded ship's chamber. Fluess then decided to use his invention for a thirty-foot dive underwater.
Unfortunately, he died from the pure oxygen. Because oxygen is toxic under pressure. *-- Frank Reichelt (Parachute Suit-1912) On February 4, 1912, Frank Reichelt, an Austrian-born French tailor, inventor and parachuting poineer, jumped from Eiffel Tower,while testing a wearable parachute of his own design. Despite attempts by his friends and spectators to dissuade him, he jumped from the first plateform of the tower while wearing his invention.
Unfortunately, the parachute failed to deploy and he crashed into the icy ground at the foot of the tower.