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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Women's Magazine "She" In Occupied Kashmir Became Controversial

The first issue of the women's magazine "She" to be published in occupied Kashmir has become cotrovercial. The peple were interested and curious about the magazine and had been wandering on the news stalls to have a copy but did not get because it was the first copy that was honarily distributed. Some news about the magazine had been published that arose the curiosity of the readers. Ther were two reasons of the curiosity of the readers one was that Sheeba Mehmoodi , one of the editors of 'She'is the wife of the Kashmiri leader Mir Waiz Umar Farooq. She got her education in the USA and the second reason was the article about dating of the youngsters. The both the reasson jointly created interst of the people and it attracted the attention of people that new madazines ever get. Though Sheeba is not much active in the magazine activities and could be contacted through phone, her mail is passed over to her aide Saima Farhad, who is editor and a teacher in Kashmir University in the Department of Socialogy and social work. She said thee is a feature about dating between the firls and boys. Saima said when she contacted girls for writing feature they did not confess it , however majority of them said she had no boyfriend but her friend has and is dating with him. She said when a menace is prevasiling in the society why should not we talk about it to control it and now the root cause to curb it. With ot erxposing it we can not treat the curse. However, the magazine is controivercial at the stage and may or may not issue its fisrt regular copy.

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