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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Delhi Gang-Raped Girl Died In Singapore Hospital

The gang-raped girl in New Delhi bus died last night in Mount Elizbeth Hospital Singapore. She had three operations in Delhi hosptal and then she was sent to Singapore for further treatment. She had head injuries and wounds on belly and had infection in lungs. Her body parts became non-funtional due to severe head injury. She was gang-raped on the night of December 16 and was thrown out of running bus along with her friend out of the running bus. The doctors at Mount Elizbeth hospital said that she wss brough in critical condition to hospital and was kept on inventilaror. Team of eight- member doctors tried to save her life but in vain. Her relatives were with her when she died. The angry people in India say that life imprisonment is not enough for the culprits but they must be hanged.

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