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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Instagram Would Have The Right To Sell User's Pics To Ads Companies

Under the new privacy policy the photo sharing site Instagram will have the right of selling the pictures of its users to advertising companies with out informing the users. Instagram is the site of social website Facebook. According to Instagram, those users who do not agree to this policy can close their accounts till January 16, 2013. After which they would have no option to close the account. Under the new policy the Instagram will share the information about its users with any advertising company, in addition to sharing on Facebook. It is recalled that Facebook had purchased Instagram for one billion dollars during April. In the new policy published on Instagram is written," The information provided by youeself and obtained from other sources about you like cookies, log filer, your identity and the location where you live, we can share with the companies/organizations that help us bringing our services to you as well as with advertising companies." Howeever, Instagrasm said that it was done to work with Facebook smoothly. Instagram further said that neither policy has been changed regarding the property rights of photos nor the policy that who will have access to the pictures. But, the new policy is being heavily criticised by the media and many people have threatened Instagram to close their accounts. A person wrote on Twitter :Good Bye Instagram, your new policy is foolish one" A pgotographer from New York hass witten that new policy is the suicidal note of Instagram.

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