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Friday, December 14, 2012

Who Is Spreading The Spam Profiles?

A Britain blogger, Boby Dansy who writes blog about fadion was stunned to see her photo on an American porn wensite that she has pasted on flicker profile. She said that she came to know when she typed her name in google search engine to know something. She said on sixth page of the search results there were some links that lead me to the porn website where my naked pictures were pasted , though my oribinalk photos were neither naked nor abusive. Boby said after that my pictures were coming on the first page of search results then I decided to take legal action against the site. I contacted the website numbers but in vain. She said she did not want that people may tink of her that she had pasted her photos on the porn site. At last she contacted the American registary that hosts the site and they blocked her pictures for violation of the copyrights. Boby Dansy writes fasion blog with the name "What I wore today" for which she wears new dreaases and sends pictures on blog daily. Therefore, she said my all sorts of numerous pics have been posted on the blog and internet. She said that recently, she found her picture on a facebook profile belonging to Turkey. Another woman, Amida feom Canada, whose picture was taken by a newspaper for publishing on the title of calender. She changed her home as well as work. She is married and has one son. But does not know that her picture is being circulated on Internet and has been pasted on several profiles. A jounalist Jasen Fifer searched her. He was preparing a story about twitter boot that how the spam spreader distribute spam through registering a small account. No individal is behing the Twitter boot, but computer runs it. When Jasentod Ameeda she was afraid that what would the her employer think about her. But, she can not stop the people from using her picture. However, Cyber security expert Graham says that its use is for sex and money and the people behind these immoral activities do for this purpose.

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