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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Record Rise In The Green House Gases In The Air

According to Climastic Changes Organization the record rise in the rate of green house gases have been observed in the air as compare to 2011. The data of the annual Green House Bulletin report of WMO indicates that the increase in the air of the carbon dioxide was observed as 391 parts per million higher as compared to 2011. The dats also indicated that this gase is responsible for global warming upto 50 percent. Similarly, 1813 parts per million rise in the quantity of other poisonous gases like methane has also been observed. It was noted in the report that carbon dioxide increase has been 40 percent after the industrial trevolution, while 2 parts per milion rise has been observed annually. The secretary of WMO said that tonnes of the carbon dioxide will remain in the air for centuries causing the earth to warm up. He said that seas were the important source of absorbing the carbon dioxide but, they are becoming acidic. TYhe increase in the green house gases will have negative serious affects on the lives of the people, globally.

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