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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pakistanis Will Be Enabled To Have Access To You Tube Within Next 24 Hours

Pakistani Interior Minister Rahman Malik has said in a message on tWitter that you Tube will bereopened in Pakistan within next 24 hours. This he said after a high level meeting with PYA authorities. The social website You Tube was blocked in Pakistan on September this year after violent protests against the blasphemous movie uploaded on the site. But an official of the PTA said on the condition of anonymity that meeting was held but to reopen the website is to be orderted by the prime minister because the website was blocked on the directives of the prime miniter. The official under according to law PTA is under the misistry of IT and Telecom, and will obey its orders. Howeverm prime minster office was unaware of the Rahman Malik's sttement. Rahman Malik had said once before but You Tube did not reopen.

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