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Monday, December 24, 2012

In The So- Called Indian Secular State Every Fourth Prisoner Is A Muslim

This is the report issued by the National Anti-Crime Bureau of India not that of of any foreign agency that Muslim population in India among the one billion population Muslims are 130 million. Among the total prisoners in India 21 % are Muslims, meaning every fourth prisoner in Indian Jails is a Muslim. In West Bengal half of the prisoners are Muslims. Muslims have been jailed for ordinary crimes and for terrorism that can never be proved, as Muslims are poor have no sources even have meager earnings what to sperak of the today's most costly actiovities of terrorisms. Is not India engagerd in state terrorism in Occupied Kasshmir? Who did kill Muslims in Ahmad abad? Who is killing burning the houses of Muslims in India? Who is the Terrorist? Hindu or Musliom? Indian Lovers in Pakistan Think? I wish you were in India not in Pakistan then we would have observed how do you love India? Hindu is biggest enemy of Muslioms more than Jews.

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