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Monday, December 10, 2012

Miley Cyprus Performs Braless At Christmax Creampies Concert

Miley suffered a fasion disaster on Dec 8, as she performed on the stage at Christmaz Creampies in Hollywood- she forgot to wear a bra! Miley Cyprus certainly lovesd to be edgy. A couples of months after chopping her entire head of hair off, sha has returned to the stage, but refused to put a bra on and came very close to spilling out of her top. Miley,20, performed with Israeli dubstep producer D J Borgore at the Christmax Creampies concert, where she displayede her edgier new look. On top of Miey's choice to go braless, she wore a zip-up trousers that appeared to a size too small and donned a boondage style belly-chain- it attached at her waist and went up and around her neck. Plus Miley performed some racy dance moves as she took part in her first musical performance in many many months.

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