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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kim's Screaming Fans And Angry Muslims In Bahrain

Television celebrity Kim Kardishian brough out screaming fans and angry Muslims when she visited Bahrain last Satureday, to lauch a milshake franchise , witness sdaid. About 100 Bahranis demonstrated with banners outside The Walk Bahrain, an upmarket Mall in the capital Manama, after some MP's tried to block the visit over what they called her "Bad Reputation" according to a local newspaper. Thouisands of fans who had bought tickets for 500 Bahraini dinars ($ 1360) broke into the hysterical screams as the celebrity lauched millins dollars Milkshake franchise inside the mall. Kardashian stirred controversy even before she arrives Bahrain from Kuwait, where she opened another store last week. Hardline MP presented a motion in the parliament calling her " an actress with extremely bad reputation" according to Gulf Daily News. The assembly did not vote on the motion the newespaper said.

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